Monday, December 13, 2010

This weekend was SO much fun! My mom's birthday was Saturday so .....


I love you :)

We went to visit my mom's sister in Alabama for the weekend. My cousin, Kelly, just had a baby 5 weeks ago and she is the cutest baby I have ever seen!! Not only is she the most cuddly thing ever, but her hair is sooo long and dark!! Precious!! Oh, and she did so good while we were taking pictures!

Meet Abigail Lenn Yeldell :)

I love this one :) This is me, my cousin Kelly, Abby, my mom, and my Aunt Brenda.

I held Abby all day on Saturday and was soooo sad when we had to leave :( My cousin and her hubby live in Colorado so who knows when I will be able to see them again...

It was a good thing we left when we did though because this is what happened yesterday......


Kobe had SOOO much fun playing in it!
HAHAHA! This picture just makes me laugh! All the snow stuck in his beard :)

Our front porch :) It feels so Christmasy around here. I can't even remember getting snow this has been a long time!
Me and my love :) ha....there is a smile under that thing on his face!
Hope u have a great week!

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