Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kobe update :-)

Here are some updated pictures of Kobe! He is still growing like crazy and driving me crazy also :-) But I love him soo much.
Here he is trying to get on the couch. He still cannot jump up on his own so any time Josh and I are on the couch, he HAS to be on the couch also. So he whines until we put him up there!

Here he is playing with his monkey! He is still chewing on everything so we have to make sure we have plenty of toys laying around for him! Our apartment used to stay pretty clean, but now Kobe's things are laying around everywhere... Oh well!

This picture says it all! He is always crawling all over everything and getting into everything!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


If it was up to me and many others I'm sure, things would be different than they way they are. But America has chosen "change" and change is what we will get. I am not trying to be a downer. I want to see our country change..for the BEST. I think keeping GOD first and having good morals is best. Instead I see our country go down a road that God never intended us to be on. People, these days, are so quick to accept homosexuality, abortion, divorce, different religions.. the list could go on and on. It makes me wonder what our country will be like twenty years from now. It makes me wonder if I want to bring kids into this crazy world. But I know that no matter what decisions our country decides to make, I should not worry because I know that God is in control and he is going to take care of me.

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28

As I was watching the inauguration today, it was making me pretty mad! But I was reminded that we are to pray for our country and our leaders..whether you agree with them or not. I pray that Obama makes the right decisions for our country and I pray that we do see change...the RIGHT kind of change.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Kobe's 1st word

Our little baby is growing up so fast **tear** I just heard Kobe bark for the first time! He was trying to get up on the couch with me but couldn't so he just started barking! It was so cute :) He is such a feisty little thing...Now he is going to be a LOUD, feisty little thing. He sure does keep me company though when Josh is gone, which is good because for some reason since we have been back I have been a little bored! I think it is because it is so cold so I can't go outside...and you can only clean and watch TV and eat so much! Ha! I guess I need to come up with a new hobby. Any suggestions?

So I am finishing up a book that I have been reading, it is called Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. It is so good! This is actually the 2ND time for me to read it. The first time I read it was about 3 years ago and it is funny how you can read something one time & then when you read it the second time, you look at completely different. But anyway, I would SO recommend every girl to read this book, you will not be disappointed!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Since we got home last week, I have been trying to get Kobe on a schedule and a routine of doing things. One of those things is trying to potty train him. He uses his puppy pad only when it is right there and convenient. But if he is in the other room, he will not walk all the way to the pad, he will just squat right where he is and it has been driving me crazy! So I have been getting on to him and it has been doing no good. I was trying to get him to use the bathroom the other night before we went to bed and he was being so stubborn. I pretty much made him stay on his puppy pad for like 10 minutes and he still wouldn't go. Then Josh walked over and sat him down on his pad and told Kobe to go pee pee, and what did he do???? He used to bathroom right then! That is not all! I had to work this weekend so I stayed the night with my parents last night. Josh watched Kobe all day yesterday and most of today. He said he worked with Kobe a lot with his potty training and that he was getting better. So since I have been home tonight I watched Kobe walk over to his puppy pad and use the bathroom like 4 times!! I cannot believe it!! I don't know why he listens to Josh and not me but I really don't long as he keeps on using his puppy pad! Ha!

Monday, January 5, 2009


Josh wanted us to do this diet thingy that his uncle told him about and I am dying! We just started it today. Basically, it lasts three days long and all you eat is apples, apple sauce, and apple much of it all that you want. On the third night before you go to sleep, you drink 4 ounces of olive oil and 4 ounces of lemon juice. Then you go to sleep and lie on your right side for as long as you can. This is supposed to get rid of any gall stones that you may have. It sounds so crazy, I know! Apple sauce is pretty filling, but I feel like I am eating baby food and it is driving me crazy. I want carbs and chocolate SO bad. We'll see how long I will last.......

Sunday, January 4, 2009

home sweet home...

Well, the last few weeks have been so much fun. It has been GREAT to be able to spend more time with our family and friends. Now we are back at our apartment and it is soo good to be back. I am ready to be back on my normal schedule. Our apartment looks like a cyclone just went through it. I am sure it will take all week to get things back to normal.
Kobe is sleeping right now. He sure does sleep a lot. One of my most favorite things EVER is when he wakes up and yawns...He is like "AHHHHHHHHH" real loud! It is sooo cute!

This is Kobe's 1st bath time! He didn't just love it.....

When we first got him, he weighed 1 lb. and 6 oz. I took him to the vet on Friday and he weighs 2 lbs. exactly. He is a little PIG :) and eats soooo much!

Our little family on Christmas :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Where did 2008 go?!!

Happy New Year everyone! 2008 has definitely been the fastest year in history. Planning and preparing for the wedding made it fly by, also being married and having fun has made it go by fast. Now it is 2009! I just can't believe it. I am going to be 25 years old this year and that is kinda weird. I don't feel old at all...But that is like MID 20's. I mean, my 10 year high school reunion is only a few years away!

Last night we had fun. First, we went over to some people's house in our church. There was a lot of people there and a lot of food :) Then we went over to Josh's brother and his wife's house and that was fun. We played dominoes until like 2 or so. We watched the ball drop in Times Square and Josh came over and gave me a sweet New Years kiss :) I just love him!

Just like every year, I have made some "New Year Resolutions". I am going to try my hardest to keep them all this year. First, I want to be sure to take time everyday to read my bible & try to do everything I can to please God. I have also decided that I am going to get back into shape and stay that way all year! Normally, I will work out like crazy to get into shape...then I just stop. That is where I am now. I have been so out of it the last couple of months. I also want to just slow down!!! I am a big procrastinator so I am always, at the last minute, trying to hurry to get something done....or hurrying to get somewhere. Another thing is my messy, messy car. I know it is hard living out of your car..It is pretty much impossible to keep it looking good. But I am going to try my best to do just that! I even cleaned it out yesterday and washed it & I am pretty proud of myself :)

Kobe is doing so good! His little teeth are finally coming in and they are razor sharp! He is a feisty little thing and I just love him to death. Josh's mom got me the cutest little carrier and he just loves that thing. It's like his little home. He is also going longer between meals. Which means that instead of feeding him every 2 hours, I only have to feed him like every 4! So I am feeling much rested...or maybe I am just getting used to it, who knows. I am taking him to the vet tomorrow to get his 2nd round of shots and I know he is not going to be happy at all..Poor thing.