Thursday, February 26, 2009

It is such a pretty day today that Josh and I decided to take Kobe to the park and have a picnic! We had so much fun. I am really soaking up this time that I am able to spend with them. We pretty much spend all of our time together.. I know that when we move back and are both working a lot, we will not be able to spend as much time together. We will be living the normal life!! But right now I am enjoying every minute I get :)

As some of you know, we have not been very happy with the lady we bought Kobe from. For starters, she got rid of him way too soon. She said that he was already eating on his own but he didn't even have teeth when we got him and we had to bottle feed him!! Then she took forever to give us his papers. Another pretty major thing is that we are not even sure that Kobe is the kind of dog she says he is!! He is supposed to be a shorkie... She says his dad is 1/2 yorkie and 1/2 shi tzu. His mom is a yorkie. She emailed me pictures but who knows if it was really his parents. When we got him he was only 4 1/2 weeks old, so I just figured he still had that "puppy" look and that is why he didn't look like a shorkie. I figured he would grow into it. Well, as he is getting older and bigger, he is STILL not looking like a shorkie! Don't get me wrong, I love him to death and would not change him for the world.. BUT I would still like to know really what breed of dog he is. I would like to know how big he is going to get. I know that he is definitely going to be bigger than the 4 1/2 lbs. she said he was going to be. So anyway, last night I decided to email her and ask her what kind of dog he really is!! She wrote me back and said the same thing she told me before... his dad is 1/2 yorkie 1/2 shi tzu. His mom is 1/2 yorkie. So I decided to do some major google research. Since he is mainly yorkie, I googled anything and everything about yorkies. I found out that their coat is not like fur. It is like real hair and gets longer with time. Which explains why his hair is growing but the funny thing is that it is growing in patches!!! He has longer white hairs on his chest which makes him look like he has man chest hair!! And he has a longer patch under his chin. And longer patches here and there. It is so funny! Another thing I learned is that their hair changes colors over time. His hair around his face is definitely changing.. So I am just going to give him some time... As he gets older and his hair gets longer and turns a different color, we will see what kind of dog he really looks like!! Haha

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It is almost here!! We leave a week from tomorrow to go to Costa Rica! I have just now started to think about what I am going to pack. The weather is going to be in the 80's and I am very excited about that. I am sure it will be rainy because I have heard that this is their rainy season but I don't even care! I am going to meet up with some people on Sunday to go over what we will be doing there. I just can't even wait to see what it is going to be like!

We are leaving on March 5th and will return on March 10th, which means Josh and I will not be able to spend our 6th month anniversary together on March 6th. But that is ok. He is playing in Jackson that weekend so either way we would not be able to do anything. I just can't believe it has already been almost 6 months. It has gone by soo fast & has been the best time of my life! I am so happy and thankful that God has blessed me with such a wonderful husband!!

This time living here in Pulaski has gone by super fast. In the next couple of months we will be packing up our things and moving back to Ashland City. We have decided to rent for about another year that way we can save up some money to put a down payment on a house and also to pay off Josh's student loans. We already have a place in mind where we would like to rent. I don't really like to rent but we don't want to jump into anything unless we know it is the right thing and the right timing!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Josh and I had a wonderful Valentine's Day! We really wanted to eat at Carrabba's but it would have taken almost an hour to get there, then we would have to wait for a long time, so we decided to make Carrabba's come to our apartment:) I had to work and didn't get home until 5.. but when I walked in the door Josh had a romantic candlelit dinner already set up!! He cooked a wonderful meal.. homemade chicken fettuccine alfredo and salad. We also had some some bread with olive oil and Italian seasonings to dip it in. (Annie brought us the olive oil from Italy so it was very good!) It was a hundred times better than Carrabba's because it was so special!! Josh is a great cook:) He also got me some real pretty roses. We had a wonderful evening!

Josh's team had their 1st game last week. They played UNA and won! It was a really fun game. I'm not going to games can sometimes be so quiet and boring that you feel like you can't even breathe! But not this one, it was a lot of fun. They played yesterday in Montgomery and didn't win...But they are playing here in Pulaski tomorrow so hopefully they will win!!

It takes about 3 1/2 hours to get to Montgomery from here so the team had to leave yesterday morning at 6:45 and didn't get home until 10:30!! I decided not to go because I would have had to drive by myself and that is pretty far! I also knew that I did not want to stay here all by myself yesterday so I decided to do a few things. First, I met up with my dad and we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel. It was fun! Then I drove out to Murfreesboro and stopped by Annie's work to hang out with her for a while. Then I went to a 2 hour class at Midsouth Sewing Center. They showed me everything I needed to know about my embroidery machine and how to make cute things! I really did learn a lot and cannot wait to get everything started!!

It is such a beautiful day today so I decided to take Kobe to the park. He wore himself out and is taking a nap right now! Here are some pics that I took. He is growing so much!!

Monday, February 9, 2009


I have some amazing news to share! If you read my latest blog, then you know that God has been dealing with me about going on a missions trip. I really wanted to go to Costa Rica but it is so soon & I didn't have the money to go. So Josh and I prayed about it and decided that if it was God's will for me to go then he would provide a way. Well, after thinking about it for a couple of days I decided that I was not going to go because I didn't think that $1000 was just going to land in my lap. Little did I know, God was already working on it and had much bigger plans!

Saturday I was at work and I was telling one of my friends how I wanted to go on this trip but it was too soon to raise enough money. Well, a couple of hours later I got a phone call at the salon. It was one of Meredith's clients who was in the salon while I was telling my story and overheard me talking. She said that after she left the salon she couldn't stop thinking about it and she just knew that God was telling her to give me the money for my trip!!! I was in complete shock! She told me how missions is her passion and that she has been on 5 missions trips. She has had people sponsor her before and she wanted to bless someone the way she had been blessed. So yesterday I went to her house to pick up the check! We talked for a long time and she is so sweet! She showed me all her pictures she had taken on the trips she has gone on.

It is just so amazing how God works things out when it seems to be impossible! If you just put all your trust in him, he will take care of you. Sometimes that is hard to do because we want to be in control but if we just let him take over, he will work it out the way things are supposed to be!

I still cannot even believe I am going to Costa Rica on March 5th! I am sooo thankful that I do not even have words to describe it & I just cannot wait to see what God has in store for this trip. It is going to be SO awesome! I don't even know what to expect because I have never been on a missions trip before but I do know we are going to be doing a lot of street evangel & a lot of things for kids. AHH:) I just can't wait!

I bought my airplane tickets last night and one thing that is kinda scary is that I am flying by myself! I hate to fly and now I am about to fly out of the country by myself!! All the other flights that everyone else is on was already full. BUT I do know that I will be ok and that God is going to take care of me. I mean, he is providing my way over there so I know he won't let me die on the way! Ha! I just feel sorry for whoever I sit by because I tend to grab onto whoever is beside me during turbulence!

So that is my awesome story about how God is so great! I can't wait to see what else he has in store :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Well, it's that time of year again! Josh's baseball team had their first scrimmage yesterday. They played Columbia State and won! Yay:) Josh got to pitch & did really really good!! It was fun to watch him play & it was a beautiful day... pretty windy but felt good! They have their first game next Wednesday here in Pulaski. Hopefully they will have a really good season!

Besides baseball and trying to keep up with Kobe, things around here in Pulaski have been pretty uneventful. I had to work this past weekend and it wore me out! I went in at 10:30 on Friday and didn't get off until after 8. I should have just stayed the night at the salon because I had to be back there at 7:45 am on Saturday morning and didn't get off til 5. I hate getting off late on Fridays because that is the only day I get to see my family. By the time I drive all the way back to Hendersonville, it is about time to go to sleep so I can get up early the next morning. But only a few more months and we will be back in Ashland City. I sure am ready for that!!
There is one thing that is very exciting right now.. I have been praying a lot lately about some things and I really feel like God is telling me to go on a missions trip! Normally, the thought of going out of the country and flying on an airplane scares me to death, but not this time! I am very very excited. There is a group going to Costa Rica the beginning of March and I had decided that I want to go. But after really thinking & praying about it.. I don't think that is going to work out. That is 4 weeks away and I don't think I can come up with the money between now & then. Also, I need to get my passport and I am wondering if that will be pushing it. But sometime within the next year, I plan on going on one. I really want to go to Africa! Or Ecuador! Really, it doesn't matter..Just wherever God wants me to go.