Thursday, June 25, 2009

Atlanta bound.

baseball tickets- check.

baseball glove- check.

binoculars- check.

sunscreen- check.

my new red sox tshirt- check.

Well, we are leaving for Atlanta in a few hours and I am SO excited! I woke up early this morning so I could get everything in before we left. I was at the walking track by 6:30 am then had to go to the salon to do one haircut and wax my eyebrows :) Then I cleaned my car out, washed it on the outside and got gas. Now I am home just finishing up our packing! YAYYYY can you tell how excited I am ???! When we get home I will update everyone with lots of pics I am sure.

Btw, that house that we were going to look at sold before we could look at it. At first I was very disappointed but I had prayed about it so I know it was just not the right house God has for us. Something else better will come along!

ALSO I know I said last week that I would be posting pics of our bedroom for Show Us Where You Live Friday...well, I forgot that would be in Atlanta so you will just have to wait til next week for that!

ONE MORE THING :) Tomorrow is my dad's birthday so I just wanted to go on ahead and wish him a happy birthday!!!!!!! We love you so so much and hope you have an awesome day!!

Ok, I'm done. Have a great weekend everyone :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

so bad, I know.

I have been so busy this week working, cleaning, and getting things ready for our trip that I have not even been on here to recognize one of the most important men in my life! Daddy's & Daughters always hold a special place for each other and I can say I am definitely a daddy's girl! (I'm a momma's girl too!) My dad is the best man that I know & I know that I am the luckiest girl alive. I am so thankful that God has blessed me with the 2 most amazing men in my life- my dad & my hubby :) Thank you, dad, for everything and I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH!!! and Happy (late) Father's Day!

We are leaving tomorrow for Atlanta & I am SO excited! This trip was Josh's graduation gift from me & our parents. Josh loves the Boston Red Sox and they are playing the Braves & we will be there Friday and Saturday at the game!! We were planning on leaving Friday but turns out my dad got free tickets to tomorrows Braves vs Yankees game! So all the guys are going to that game while me & my mom shop :) I have heard that the Lenox Mall in Atlanta is pretty much awesome so that is where we will be. I am just SO excited. This trip is coming at a good time because I need to just get away!

I hate coming home to a dirty house after a trip so I have been cleaning like crazy! Oh yea, another really cool thing? We are going to look at a house tonight!! It is a foreclosure and is a really good price. Who knows what will happen!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

grow, baby, grow!

Annie came over this afternoon for a little while and it was so good to catch up! I hate that we live like an hour away from each other :( But she got me the cutest thing and I love it!!!

It's a kitchen herb kit! I planted basil, sage, and thyme. She has one and said it started growing within a few days. I'm so excited!! I want to have a big garden one day so I can grow my own fruit and veggies so this is good practice :) Thanks, Annie!!

Ok, so about 3 years ago I decided I wanted to let my hair grow out. My hair had been short for a long time and I just wanted a change. Then Josh and I got engaged so I couldn't cut it because I had to have it longer for the wedding. But I FINALLY got it cut short again yesterday and I love it!! Shelby did a great job :) No more long hair for me...well, until I get tired of this! But I love it so much & it feels so good so I don't see that happening any time soon. It's a good thing that Josh likes my hair short. The only thing he does NOT like is dark hair!! He would freak out if I came home with brown hair. He doesn't even like "brown highlights"!!! He is lucky that I like my hair blonde also :) Here is the my new hair!

Friday, June 19, 2009

home tour!

Today is Show Us Where You Live Friday!! The theme is playroom (don't have!), bonus room (don't have one of those either), and laundry room..... and there is NO way I am showing you guys our laundry room. Sorry :) It's not even a ROOM. It's a closet/laundry room/pantry/Kobe's stuff/miscellaneous- you get the picture! So we will move on to our bathroom since I missed last week. I have not done anything in a couple of weeks because honestly.. well, we have both been very busy and have not done much cleaning the last couple of weeks!! Only things here and there. But the bathroom was clean long enough to take a few pics!

Here we are looking into our bathroom. This is also Kobe's room during the night and while we are gone. He loves his little bed!

I look forward to the day where we each have our own sink...

Our lovely toilet that I know you are just dying to see!

Our closet in our bathroom! I love having a place for all of my hair stuff!

So there you go!! I know that bathrooms are not the most interesting thing but check back next week to see my favorite room in our house- our bedroom! Yay!


Oh yea, sad news. Hunny bunny died :( I don't know what happened.... we woke up yesterday morning & Josh went in there and came back and said it was dead. So sad, I know. We can't even raise a in the world will we raise kids one day?????!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

all set up

After months of planning, I am FINALLY getting things ready for my embroidery business! I am so excited. I am in the process of placing orders and trying to decide on a name... and I finally have my "embroidery room" set up!

I bought this sewing table off Craigslist and it is perfect. It was white but my mom painted it this dark color for me since I love dark furniture :) The sides fold out if I need more room. She also put new knobs on the drawers and I just love them!

....and my FAVORITE is this chair!!! It was my moms chair and she painted it the same dark color. I picked this fabric out at Hobby Lobby and covered it with it and it was so easy. I just used a staple gun & it took like 10 minutes. I just love love LOVE it!!

Thanks, mom, for all your help!! I am so excited and will keep everyone informed as I get things going :)

Kobe is still VERY interested in Hunny Bunny. We have him in a crate and Kobe stays by that crate all day! It is so funny!

I have finally gotten the bunny to eat some celery... I really do not know what to do with it though! It must be pretty boring to be a bunny because he just sits there all the time. I feel kinda bad for having him in a crate all the time when he could be running around outside....but then I'm scared something is going to happen to him because he is so small.... I'm just not sure what to do!! But isn't he just the cutest thing?!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

hunny bunny

If you see an old Ford truck driving around Ashland City running over everything, it is probably me! My car is being worked on this week. Josh and his dad are changing my timing belt and doing a couple of other things.. so in the meantime I have to drive either his old white car, which is a stick shift & I cannot drive that thing without making a fool out of myself... OR there is the old, loud, big F 150. So that is what I am attempting to drive.

So yesterday we were over at Josh's parents house and while Josh and his dad were working on my car, Paige and I layed out by the pool! It was very relaxing....But poor guys. Apparently, the timing belt is very hard to get to. That is why labor is SO expensive to get it done. So I am very thankful that Josh and his dad can do it for me, even though it is going to take a few days.

After laying by the pool for a while, I went inside and Josh came in with something in his hands & he was smiling. When he opened his hands I saw the cutest little thing ever!!

This is hunny bunny!! He is our new pet rabbit :) Well, we are going to keep him for a little while until he gets super big. Josh found him at his parent's house. Their dog was chasing it so Josh rescued it :) We have him in a crate that our neighbors gave us. He is SOO tiny. He fits in my hand. I have never seen a bunny so small and I love him!! I had a rabbit a long time ago but I can't remember what it ate... I gave hunny bunny a carrot and some grass and some water but so far he just sits there. He might be a little traumatized. But I just love him!!

Kobe is a little skeptical & not real sure what to think of him. I am sure he is wondering what this little chew toy look alike is that is getting all of our attention!


Saturday night was so much fun!! Josh and I went out to eat with his friend, Brett and his girlfriend, Crystal. We were going to eat at The Perfect Pig... I have never been there before and was really excited because I have heard how good it was. BUT they were closing when we got there :( Who knew they would close at 6:00 on a Saturday?? So anyway, we ate at some other place called Hog Heaven and it was so disgusting. Probably one of the worst places ever. So then afterwords, we went to the drive-in to see a movie!!! This was my 1st drive-in experience and I loved it. It was a beautiful night. The sky was so clear and we saw a few shooting stars :) We watched The Night At The Museum 2 and it was really good. I am a huge fan of the 1st one.... and I LOVE Ben Stiller so I love any movie he is in. But I will definitely be going back to the drive-in. It is in Dickson and they play a new movie every weekend & it is only $5 a person. It was fun!

Friday, June 12, 2009

when it rains, it pours.

There is a very serious issue that has to stop. NOW. So I am asking every one of you to be praying like crazy. There have been 3 suicides and 1 attempted suicide in less than two weeks in our county. It started on Memorial Day. There was a man (his name was Jerry) who lived across the street from the salon. He shot himself.. I heard it was because of his girlfriend. He was probably in his 40's. I feel bad because he was kinda rough looking so it made me nervous if I saw him out in the parking lot if I was by myself in the salon. But from what I have heard, he was a really nice guy.

Two days later, a 17 year old girl that went to Cheatham hung herself. She talked to the guidance counselor (a lady who goes to our church) either that day or the day before. Well, the guidance counselor called the crisis center and they did not come out. So it is under investigation. I have heard it was either because of family problems... or boy problems... I don't know.

The following week, I found out a friend of mine tried to kill herself. It just broke my heart. We used to be pretty close because we worked together at Stratton's for about 4 years. We have not been close for the past couple of years though, but she came by my yard sale just a few days before it happened. She stayed for a while and we talked and she seemed fine. But she shot herself 3 days later. I just don't get it. Luckily, she is okay, even though the bullet went straight through one of her lungs. I went to Vanderbilt to see her Friday and she had already been released. I plan on going to see her one day next week though.

Then I found out this morning that a 12 year old girl killed herself. She hung herself. TWELVE YEARS OLD. I do not know any details. My dad went by and prayed with her parents today. I can't even imagine.

NOTE: I have recently found out that this girl was 14, not 12. Still that is so young :(

I can not even begin to tell you how bad this breaks my heart. I don't get it. These people had their WHOLE lives in front of them. I do know what it is like to be very depressed. But I also know the love and hope that Jesus gave me and he helped bring me through all of that. I just wish that they would have felt that same love and same hope that I did. I wish they would have talked to someone. I wish that I could have done something to prevent it. There are so many "I wishes" in situations like these. We can't go back but one thing we can do is pray for each and every person out there dealing with depression or drug addictions. I pray that God brings people in their lives that they can talk to. I pray that God gives them love and hope and that they can feel it and know he is there. I pray for the families & friends that have been affected by this and I pray it does not happen again.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

such a reward :)

So I made my very first "house call" yesterday! One of my clients, Billy (who is super sweet!), had an appointment a few weeks ago for a haircut and he never showed up. I thought that was odd because he normally does not do that. I tried calling him to make sure everything was okay but he never answered or returned my phone call. So yesterday he called me and told me what had happened. The night before his appointment he started to have chest pains and his wife called 911. Turns out he had 95% blockage to his heart and they had to do an emergency open heart surgery :( He just got home from the hospital Monday and is doing pretty good. I hate that he had to have that done but atleast they caught that before he had a heart attack or a stroke. So he called yesterday and was like- I hate asking you this but do you ever do house calls? I told him I would be more than happy to come out there. He only lived about 10 minutes from the salon so it was no big deal at all. His house is gorgeous, by the way, and his sweet wife was there too :) As I was leaving I told him I hope that he feels better soon and he told me something that made me realize all over again why I love what I do. He said he already felt SO much better after just getting his hair cut! I know how important hair is to people and when your hair looks bad it just makes you feel so BLAH. But when people get their hair done and they love it, it is like they are a new person! They have a lot more self esteem and seem much happier :) I am glad I can help someone feel so much better about themselves. It is such a rewarding job!!! I am so blessed to have such wonderful clients.. and I do not just look at them as "clients" ... I look at them as my friends!

Speaking of hair... I am in love with a new product!!

It is the new Biosilk Silk Therapy Miracle Leave-In Conditioner. It seriously does all these things:
-Conditions & hydrates hair and skin instantly
-Provides volume & body
-Controls & defines curls
-Reconstructs & repairs dry and damaged hair and skin
-Strengthens the hair
-Revives dull lifeless hair and skin
-Smoothes the cuticle
-Controls frizz and flyaways
-Prevents split ends
-Stops hair breakage
-Seals the hair
-Protects hair color from fading
-Protects hair and skin from environmental damage
-Thermal protector for blow drying
-Thermal protector from flat and curling irons
-Leaves hair & skin soft and silky
-Adds incredible shine

No, I did not make all these things up. It really does say this on the bottle!! I have been using it on myself and my clients and I can really tell a difference! I mean, what else could you need after all these things I just listed!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I have a group of friends that I would like to introduce to you! I hope that everyone has friends like this because they are they best kind of friends to have.

Meet Nikki, (me), Lenora, and Tara... and this is our 8th grade graduation!! Our friendships began in the 6th grade and even though we have all gone our separate ways, we still get together atleast once a year! When we see each other, it is like we have seen each other every single day!! We got together on Monday for lunch at Bread & Company on West End and it was so much fun!! The last time we were all together was at our wedding...but Josh and I were so busy talking and taking pictures and all that I was not able to spend much time with them. The time before that we all got together was Thanksgiving of 2007!!! So this get together was MUCH needed.

Nikki couldn't make it because she was having car problems :( Nikki & I have actually been friends since kindergarten. We were best friends growing up and always had our classes together in school. When we started 6th grade we found Tara & Lenora and since then it has been our little group! Even though we do not talk all the time now, I still consider them some of the best friends that I have. I know they would be there for me in a heart beat and the same for me with them.

They have been at all of my special events! Here is Homecoming!! Crazy, I know, but I can't remember the year... I think that is how you know you are getting old! Ha!

Here we are at the wedding! I am telling you- I love these girls SO very much!

What is SO funny & crazy is that Tara, Lenora, and myself are all hairstylists now! Ha! Here is what we are all up to:

me- you all know that I am now married, hairstylist in Pleasant View, went to high school at Sycamore...blah blah blah..
Tara- moved to Spring Hill after 8th grade but we all still remained friends, still lives in Spring Hill, went to high school at Page High School, hairstylist in Franklin, has a boyfriend!..
Lenora- went to high school at Cheatham, now lives in California-been there for the past 2 years, hairstylist in Cali!! single & having fun!..
Nikki- went to high school at Cheatham, has a little girl- Willow- CUTEST thing ever, nurse at Baptist hospital, lives in Ashland City, I think she has a boyfriend?? I have not talked to her in a while so not sure!..

So, see how we all have such different lives!! I think it is so cool though that even though we are all in different places in our lives we still make time for eachother! Like I said, I hope you all have friends like these :)

Btw, my title stands for-

Your my best friend in the whole wide world!!

Every time Nikki and I would write eachother letters in school, we would always put Y.M.B.F.I.T.W.W.W. at the bottom :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

What has that boy done to me??

I'm sure you have heard the statement that opposites attract, right? Well, I guess you could say that is true with me and Josh!! We have all the major & important things in common... we both love the Lord and have the same values. We both love each other and want a big family one day. We both have the same goals & want the same things for our future.

BUT Josh is ALLLLL boy. He loves to fish, hunt, play sports, get dirty, wear the same clothes for years... you know, all the stuff boys love to do! Me, on the other hand, I am ALLLL girl. I love to shop, decorate, get all dressed up, and I love anything to do with fashion. I like the fact that we are different. It definitely keeps things interesting & we both learn something new every day.... and we are wearing on each other a little bit now. Josh could tell you all about Jon & Kate Plus 8 and The Duggar's. He could tell you what kind of hair products I like to use and my favorite stores to shop at. I could tell you all about The O'Reilly Factor & Hannity and Colmes. I could even tell you what a spinner bait is and I could explain to you how football works.

But I would never buy a fishing license and a pair of waders for myself...even if we would have went to Center Hill this past weekend. Nope. What a waste of money when I could buy a cute pair of shoes or a cute purse. Even if we did go to Center Hill, that would have been the perfect time to lay out a get a tan and I would never spend my time at the lake standing in water that comes up to my waist just to catch a fish. Nope. Even if we did fish, I would never pinch a worm in half and actually put it on the hook myself. And if I did catch a fish, I would never touch it to take the hook out of it's mouth. Gross. But I can tell you that even if we DID go to Center Hill this past weekend, we would have had a GREAT time!!

To find out what other people would never do, check out & have a good day :-)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm just sitting here thinking...

it doesn't get ANY better than THIS! I am so happy & thankful right now I can't even describe it. I know people say that the 1st year is supposed to be your hardest..really?? We have been married now almost 9 months and it has been the happiest and most fun times ever! I really could go on and on and on about how thankful I am for my handsome hubby but I won't because I know you guys don't want to hear it! ha!

So on to more interesting things. Josh is trying to sell his truck and we think we may have a buyer! He posted it on Craigslist a couple of days ago and some guy who says he is very interested is coming to look at it tonight. He is also going to sell his "super cute" white car and we are putting all that money plus other money we have been saving towards a new truck for him! Well, not new, but new. So we are very excited!

Btw, the spaghetti turned out good. He didn't even notice anything different! Ha!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Don't you just LOVE it when-

you are in the middle of making a meal and realize you do not have something that you need?? I was just telling Missy & April how I am a little OCD about this. Ok, a lot OCD about this. If I see that I am running low on something (even if it is just half full) I will buy another one because I hate needing something and then realizing I am out of it. And what exactly did I do about an hour and a half after I was telling them? I begin to make my spaghetti and realize I am out of spaghetti sauce. That's a pretty main ingredient, right??? Oh, I was not happy. How could I forget to buy spaghetti sauce? So I decided I was not going to the store. I was going to make my own spaghetti sauce since I have all the ingredients to do that. It looks pretty good (it is still cooking) but I hope it tastes good! I am not going to tell Josh that it is homemade sauce. I am just going to wait and see if he notices anything!

Young Con Anthem

Ok guys! I have come across this awesome video on you tube! The two college students who made this video is in a group called Young Conservatives. They say their mission is to "spread the love and logic surrounding true conservatism". Check out their website for more details & you gotta watch this video!!

I think it is so cool that these guys would stand up and do this!! The sad (but expected) thing is that they are getting a lot of negative feedback. But what's new?? Isn't is always like that?? If a conservative stands up for what they believe in, they are smashed down in the ground and they are wrong, blah, blah, blah. But a liberal can say anything, right? and God forbid we try to stop them or say they are wrong.......

ANYWAY, don't get me started!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Prayer Request

Our long time family friend and former youth pastor passed away yesterday. His name was Andy Fleming. He was killed in a tractor accident. I grew up with his kids Amber, Megan, Kyle and Grace. This is just a very sad situation. Please keep them all in your prayers.

What a weekend!

The fun began Friday night when Josh and I went over to my parent's house for dinner. The food was so good and it was so good to hang out with them and Bentley. I miss that dog more than anything!! He is still my baby :) Here are a few older pics of him that I love!

I took off work on Saturday but was still up bright & early because me and my mom had a yard sale at my house! It was a lot of work but turned out to be a great day and we made some good money! The weather was perfect. We sold just about everything but what we didn't sell we took to the Bethesda Center.

We did have a little visitor at our yard sale.

When my mom got to my house that morning, she said she found him outside our place under a car. Someone must have dropped him off the night before because our neighbors said he meowed by their door allll night long :( I hate it when people just drop animals off like that. He was soooo cute and sooo little. I put a "free kitten" sign up at my yard sale but no one took him. I had already decided that he was just going to be a new addition to our family... but when we were moving stuff inside after the yard sale he must have ran off & now I can't find him anywhere. I hope he comes back but if not, I hope he has found a good home!

After the yard sale me and my mom drove out to Fairview for Mandy (Baker) Doyle's baby shower. She is having a baby girl in July and her name will be Daphne Kate! She got some of the cutest little clothes ever and her nursery is just precious!! Such an exciting time for Mandy & Rodney!!

....and no. Missy & I did not plan our outfits! Ha! Great minds just think alike :)

That night Josh and I went over to his parent's house for dinner & it was really good also! His parents have a big garden and the gave me some rosemary and cilantro that they grew. I made some homemade salsa last night with the cilantro and it was very good!

Yesterday after church & lunch, we took the boat out and April & Ricky came out with us! We had so much fun. We fished most of the time. Josh & Ricky caught some fish but all we caught were trees LOL! It was still so much fun. It was a perfect day..actually this whole weekend was just perfect & beautiful!!