Friday, February 4, 2011

Cruise 2011

We are back from our cruise which means BACK TO REALITY! We had a great time :) This was our 1st cruise and we loved it! I am now convinced this is the best way to travel. It was very relaxing and they do absolutely everything for you. We were so spoiled! We had great weather every day except the last day on our way home. It was cloudy and the boat rocked back and forth ALL day long. We never got sick but now it still feels like we are rocking back and forth! But you couldn't tell it was moving any other time. Get ready for a ton of pics.........they are a little out of order.....
About to leave Mobile..

THE chocolate melting cake:) YUMM!

This is the dining area. Everything is so beautiful! And we ate SOO much.....
Every night when you got back to your room, your room would be clean- bed would be made- and these cute little towels would be waiting for you!
Our room. It was small but perfect for us. I am SO glad we paid just a little more for a room with a window. So worth it.
Sooo pretty!
My absolute favorite part was watching the sun set every night:)

Haha! They used my sunglasses this time!

I love him soooo much :)
We went to Progresso on Monday......
The town was very poor but the beaches were very pretty!

It was about 80 degrees which made it even better:)

Our boat. It was HUGE!!!
The FUN ship:)
Laying out while leaving Progresso. I didn't want that moment to end:)

That night we got to see the most beautiful sunset :)
One of the many shows! We loved the shows! There was always something fun to do....

We were in Cozumel on Tuesday.
Cozumel was GORGEOUS!!!
I had never seen water so pretty:)

The weather was perfect!
Leaving Cozumel was breathtaking :)
Watching this sun set with my hunny was my favorite part of the WHOLE trip:) It was perfect.
Only God could make something so beautiful!