Sunday, December 28, 2008

Catching up....

Things have been so crazy since I last wrote on here. We are still staying with our parents and splitting up the time. I love being here with everyone but I am soo ready to be back at our little cozy apartment & back to normal life!

I have been so exhausted for the last week because we finally got our puppy, Kobe Conatser!! He is the sweetest & cutest puppy EVER! I got him last Monday and this past week has been hard but well worth it. Since he is so small and so young, he requires extra TLC :) I mean, his little teeth are just now starting to come through! The first night he cried A L L night long. I figured he was just missing his mommy ... But when I took him to the vet on Tuesday, I realized that since he is so small he needs to be fed formula every 2 hours with a bottle, even during the middle of the night! I felt so bad because he was really crying because he was hungry. But now I know.. and now I set my alarm so I can feed him every 2 hours. It is like having a real baby! So I would recommend anyone thinking they want a baby, get a baby puppy 1st and see if you can handle it! Ha! But really, I love him more than anything and it is so worth it :) Josh is in love with him too. They are taking a nap together right now and it is soo sweet! Poor Bentley is so jealous though and I feel bad. I know he feels so left out because everyone is giving Kobe all the attention. It is funny to watch Kobe try to play with Bentley! Bentley doesn't want to have anything to do with Kobe though. I know once he gets used to him, they will be the best of friends :)

This past Christmas week has been a great week! Tuesday night we had dinner at Josh's Grannys house, and Christmas Eve night we had dinner at his aunt and uncle's house. It was alot of fun! We drove back to our apartment in Pulaski Christmas Eve night, that way we could wake up and have our 1st Christmas together at our apartment :) When we got there, we saw our poor Christmas tree that has not been watered in like 3 was pretty sad and ugly! Ha! But it didn't matter...we had a great 1st Christmas! Josh got me Kobe (of course) and a new CD player for my car that will play my IPOD! I am very excited about that! I am getting it installed one day this next week. He also filled up my stocking! I filled up his stocking and got him some beard trimmers and a gift card to Bass Pro, his favorite store ever.

After we opened our presents and watched TV for a little while, we went back to his parents house because his mom always makes a big breakfast and it was so good.

That afternoon we went to my parents house and opened presents and ate dinner. My parents suprised me with an embroidery machine! I am soo excited! I cannot wait to figure out how to use it :) That night, we went and saw the movie, Valkyrie. It was really good.

On Friday, we drove to Huntsville to meet up with my uncle, aunt and cousin. We ate at Ruby Tuesday and went shopping at the mall. Itook Kobe with me and he slept in my purse the whole time we were shopping! It was the cutest thing ever :)

Yesterday we went out to eat with my other uncle and aunt and my granny. They drove here from Memphis. We ate at Kabuto, one of my favorites!

So we have been celebrating Christmas all week long and it has been so much fun! It was so great to be able to see all our family. Today has been a lazy day though. All this running around will wear you out!

I will be posting pictures soon. I left my camera cord in Pulaksi that lets me download my pictures to my computer. So check back bc I have taken lots!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Home for the Holidays

Josh is finally done with exams and we are now back in Cheatham for the holidays. We are going to be staying with our families, splitting up the time between his parents and mine. My parents are still on their cruise so we are staying with his parents right now. I sure do miss my parents! I miss talking to my mom on the phone any time I want, and today is her birthday! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! We will be back in town for the next few weeks. Let me tell you, it is really hard trying to pack for 3 weeks. If you are a girl, then you know what I mean. It was stressing me out so I just decided to pack everything I own :) My car was loaded down. Poor Josh....he has to carry my big box of clothes everywhere we go. Ha!
We are getting our puppy in exactly 2 weeks from today and I can't wait! Still trying to decide on a name.... I have a hard time making up my mind sometimes :)
I am going to be working more hours over the Christmas break. I have gotten used to only working 2 days a week and this week I am working 4 days so I am probably going to be pretty tired. I have to admit, I am a little spoiled with my job! Ha!

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Real Housewife of Giles County

I am pretty sure this is the first day I have gotten bored since living in Pulaski. Josh is having to put in some hours at the fire department for school and he has been gone for several hours now. Normally I would have plenty of things to do or just enjoy my time relaxing on the couch... but not today. I am so restless for some reason! Let's see..... I have ate, watched TV, ate some more, curled my hair :), browsed on the internet, ate some MORE.....Hmm. I have thought about going down to the square to look through some of the cute shops but it is so cold. I have also thought about driving to Columbia, which is like 30 min away, to go to Ross and Hobby Lobby to finish up Christmas shopping but I don't want to use the gas! I have thought about going on ahead and making supper but it is only 2:00! I have also thought about going to the store to buy some stuff to make chocolate chip cookies and I haven't thought of a reason why I shouldn't do that yet... I mean, my hair does look cute so I need to go somewhere! Ha! Also, some chocolate is sounding sooo good right about now. Okay. I have talked myself into it :) Bye!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Today has been a good day. This morning we got up and went to church. We have been going to a Church of God on the Sundays that we are here in Pulaski. We really like it and the pastor is really nice, but there is no place like home! I miss being able to go to Gateway anytime I want. Another thing I have realized is that our church has been very spoiled with our worship music! The Church of God's music is pretty good, I guess, but nothing like Valerie and John and all the others!

After church we came back to the apartment and started to clean up a little bit because my parents came by and saw our apartment for the first time! Actually, my mom helped me get everything set up before the wedding but she has not seen it since then and my dad has never been. It was so good to have them come by! They were on their way to my aunt and uncle's house in Alabama because they are all going on a cruise tomorrow (lucky them!) so they stopped by on the way. Anyway, we went out to eat at this little Mexican restaurant here. They have a buffet on Sundays and it is really good :) Then we went to the square and watched the Christmas parade. It was fun but a little chilly! Afterwards, we came back to our apartment and hung out for a little while. It was nice to have some company since we never do! Josh has only had a couple of friends over.... besides that the only person that has been in our apartment besides us is the maintenence guy! Ha!

OH!!!! I almost forgot to mention the most exciting thing going on in my life right now!! We are getting a puppy!!! I have been looking for weeks for the perfect little puppy and finally found one last night! He is a shorkie. His mom is a yorkie and his dad is half yorkie, half shih tzu. Right now he is only a couple of weeks old so we can not get him until Christmas Eve. He should only be like 5 lbs. full grown! I have been trying to figure out what I want to name him but I just can't decide.... The lady told me that when we figure it out, let her know bc she is going to give us his birth certificate with his name and paw print on it.. How SWEET is that?! I just can not wait :)

Here he is!! His owner said she is going to be sending me updated pictures of him every week until we get him, which is only a couple of weeks away! YAY!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Our 1st Christmas tree!

Last year after Christmas, I stocked up on Christmas decorations that we would need this year. Everything was on sale 75% off so I went a little crazy :) Ha! I bought everything we needed except for a tree because Josh wanted a real tree. So Saturday morning we got up, ate a big breakfast & headed to Home Depot to buy a saw and some rope. I'm sure you can guess where I am going.....Yes, we walked around the woods until we found our first Christmas tree!! Josh cut it down and we drug it to the car. Then we TIED the tree to the top of the car! It was sooo funny! Everyone we drove by stopped to look!

We finally made it back to our apartment and put the tree up. We noticed it was leaning pretty bad to the left so Josh nailed a nail in the wall and tied the tree to the nail to hold it up! Hahaha! It was so much fun putting all the pretty ornaments and lights on :) I am hoping our little tree will make it to see Christmas day but it is already drooping quite a bit & it has only been 2 days. Oh well, to me it is PERFECT and I wouldn't want it any other way. Just think of the stories we will have to tell 20 years from now!