Saturday, January 10, 2009

Since we got home last week, I have been trying to get Kobe on a schedule and a routine of doing things. One of those things is trying to potty train him. He uses his puppy pad only when it is right there and convenient. But if he is in the other room, he will not walk all the way to the pad, he will just squat right where he is and it has been driving me crazy! So I have been getting on to him and it has been doing no good. I was trying to get him to use the bathroom the other night before we went to bed and he was being so stubborn. I pretty much made him stay on his puppy pad for like 10 minutes and he still wouldn't go. Then Josh walked over and sat him down on his pad and told Kobe to go pee pee, and what did he do???? He used to bathroom right then! That is not all! I had to work this weekend so I stayed the night with my parents last night. Josh watched Kobe all day yesterday and most of today. He said he worked with Kobe a lot with his potty training and that he was getting better. So since I have been home tonight I watched Kobe walk over to his puppy pad and use the bathroom like 4 times!! I cannot believe it!! I don't know why he listens to Josh and not me but I really don't long as he keeps on using his puppy pad! Ha!

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