Friday, May 29, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday- Nursery Edition!

I know, we don't have a nursery yet! But I have had fun getting ideas from everyone over at Kelly's Korner for when we decide to have kids :) Since I am still behind, I am going to move on to our kitchen. Because I love to cook and bake, this is one of my favorite places in our house (except for when I have to clean it!). Welcome to our kitchen!

Our kitchen is definitely bigger than our kitchen was in Pulaski.. but it's not as big as it seems. I kinda ran out of counter space so the microwave had to move to the top of the refrigerator!! Ha. Another bummer is that we do not have a pantry. I never realized how important a pantry was until we had to start putting canned goods and snacks in the cabinets! But oh well. It works for now! I do love the way it is all open instead of having to walk into a "room" with counters on both sides of me.

Pretty much everything in our kitchen were gifts that we got at our wedding or at our showers..which is sooo awesome! There is no way we would be able to start off with as much as we have without that :) I love stainless steel so we registered for all of these things and got as gifts. The tea pot I LOVE but have never used!! I keep it on our stove because I think it is so cute though.

Josh got me this wind chime for Valentine's Day and I just LOVE it! I know there is no wind in the kitchen but I am scared to put it outside because I don't want anything to happen to it!! It is a stained glass angel and I have it hanging above our sink in the kitchen :)

I wanted to show you this because I think it is so funny! This is our oven knob... which broke off!! So when I am baking anything I have to just guess!! Ha. There is a thermostat in the oven & when the knob broke off you can tell it was super glued before so I am sure this is not the first time it has happened!! We really need to get that fixed.....

Lastly, but definitely NOT least... one of my favorite things in my kitchen???

My wonderful coffee maker :) Can't live without it!

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