Wednesday, August 5, 2009

cheese & bacon stuffed burgers

You know how we sometimes make the same thing for dinner over and over again just because it is easy? I am guilty of this and it drives me crazy! So last night, instead of making normal burgers, I decided to do things a little different. Josh loved them & I am sure your man (and yourself!) will too!

I took 1 lb. of ground chuck and added a little ranch dressing, worcestershire sauce, and garlic salt. Sorry, I don't measure some things!

While I was mixing this all together, I had some bacon cooking :-) I patted out 1/2 of the hamburger (the bottom part). Then, I put some cheese and the cooked bacon, that I tore into small pieces, on top of the meat. I then patted out the top part of the burger and put it on top of the cheese & bacon. Now all you do is close of the sides and put them on the grill (I used our George Foreman)! So easy and very good! I also sauteed some onions and mushrooms and put that on the burger as well.

I was going to take a picture to show you how amazing they looked but my camera was in the car and it was storming so bad outside. Also, I am sure the hubby would for sure think I was crazy if I was taking pictures of our dinner. But what can I say? I was proud of them!

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  1. That sounds so good, I will have to try that some time soon. I have been putting up green beans all morning. I am getting domesticated! I spent my night last night watching a movie and snapping beans! Mikey thought it would be sexier if I wasn't in my sweat pants, so I asked if that meant I had permission to spend like $40 on that apron that I want! I hope you are having a great day! See you Thursday!