Friday, December 18, 2009

busyness and the smokies :-)

Oh my goodness, things have been SO busy around here! You can tell by just looking inside our house because it is a mess!! I feel bad but I really have had no time to clean. I have been extremely busy in the salon trying to fit everyone in before Christmas..because we all know we need to look pretty for the holidays :-) The only problem is that I can only fit so many clients in in one day and I have turned away close to 15 clients who need their hair done before Christmas :( I feel horrible but I seriously have squeezed in so many people that I have no more room to squeeze! And on top of it all, I have NO clue how I am going to finish up my Christmas shopping!!

We did get to get away last weekend though and it was so nice :-) We left Saturday when I got done working and went to Knoxville to stay with my cousin and her family. She just had a baby girl and she is so precious!! Her name is Sidney :-)
Sunday morning we got up and drove to Gatlinburg! It is absolutely beautiful this time of year. Everything is decorated for Christmas and the mountains are so pretty :-) We stayed the night there in a little cozy chalet and it was just perfect. We had to come home Monday morning but it was a great mini vacation- just what we needed!!

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