Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a great birthday :)

Monday was my birthday and I must say, I'm pretty sure this was the best one yet! The crazy thing is that I did not do anything extravagant...I was just with the ones I love so that's all that matters :) My day started off with daises (my favorite- that I can plant outside) and cupcakes and a sweet card from my hunny. Then my mom came over and we had lunch at this cute little coffee shop in Pleasant View. After lunch, she came back here to help me with a few things around the house that I couldn't do by myself. Then we met up with the whole family (my family and Josh's family) at Carrabba's that night. My mother in laws birthday was last week but they were out of town so it was like a double celebration! The food was great and the company was even better. I even got some really awesome gifts!! My parents and Josh went in together and got me a camera that I have been wanting for a while. It is a Nikon D70 and I LOVE IT!! I am still trying to figure out all the settings but I am loving it :) Josh's parents surprised me with the cutest Coach purse ever and my sister in law got me a really cute necklace with earrings to match. Josh's granny made me one of her signature angel food cakes and it is SO good! I also got a Wal Mart gift card and some money and some really sweet cards :) Thank you to everyone who made my day so special! I could have not asked for a better birthday :)

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  1. hey! on my blinds, the strings are only attached at the top and the bottom, not to the actual body of the shade. i was able to simply slide the lining under the strings. if yours are attached along the body of the blinds, you may need to get creative!

    happy birthday! i really want some angel food cake now... :)