Friday, January 21, 2011

Girls Night Out!

I just love my girls!!! I love how even though our lives are so busy and constantly changing, we still manage to all get together atleast every few months! This past Tuesday night, The Melting Pot had a special night called "Little Black Dress-Girls Night Out" and we went! I had never been to the Melting Pot before and it was really good and perfect for a GNO!

We got to choose 2 different cheeses. We got the original and the spinach cheese dip. It came with bread, chips, veggies, and apples. Yummmm!!
Our dinner was really good. They bring you out a plate of raw meat & veggies and you use these skewers to dip it in either chicken broth or oil if you want it fried. It was pretty cool at first but I will admit that I was getting tired of dipping every single thing and you have to wait like 2 minutes for it to cook! After a few minutes I was just wishing it was all already cooked so I could just eat it! Ha! It was really good though....
......and then they brought out the dessert!!!!!! Oh my GOODness!!! They brought out plates full of brownies, cheesecake, pound cake, strawberries, bananas, rice crispy treats, and marshmallows! We also got 2 different kinds of chocolates to dip all of it in and we chose one that was 1/2 white chocolate and 1/2 dark chocolate.....the other one was my FAV :) it was milk chocolate with crunchy peanut butter all melted together! I am a sucker for anything with chocolate and peanut butter together! I definitely want to go back with my hubby just for dessert!
We had SOOO much fun and took so many pics! I am 100% positive that our waitress thought we were crazy because we took so many but we don't care :)
(from left to right)Trish, Audrey, April, Annie, me

I thought this was a cool picture! Not sure who took it bc we had so many cameras was like having paparazzi! Ha!
And we always have to do the Charlie's Angels pose :) Its a tradition!

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