Monday, January 10, 2011

Lazy snow day

Even though there are dirty clothes on the floor and dirty dishes everywhere...I am choosing to spend this cold day being lazy with my hunny & my Kobe! We got a couple of inches overnight and they are saying we should get some more tonight. Josh and Adam left out last night around 7 pm to spread ice melt on the properties they have contracts with and got back around 2 am. Then, left again around 4 am for another round and got back around 10 am.....he is so tired. They are going to go out again later on tonight for another round. I am extremely thankful for the snow :) This snow business they started last year has been good to us. It doesn't snow a whole, whole lot here in TN but when it does, it is good money! They have contracts with a shopping center here in Ashland City, 2 shopping centers in Clarksville, and Logan's in Dickson. The only problem....... they do not get paid right away.... it takes a couple of months. It is kinda nice to have a big lump sum all at once but you have to really budget while you are waiting.

I have been doing pretty good so far with the New Year resolutions. We have both been eating healthy & working out & running. (we are wanting to run the 1/2 marathon in April with my SIL! I normally do not like to run but it is growing on me!) I found a really good website last night with healthy recipes. I can't wait to try these chicken quesadillas tonight while watching The Bachelor & Pretty Little Liars! It's gonna be a good day :)

We did allow ourselves a cheat night on Friday night. We ate at AJ's in Bellevue and it was sooo good. Cheesy bacon fries with spicy ranch dressing and a pizza! Also, yesterday was my SIL's birthday so I did have some birthday cake but then ran 3 miles afterwards so I didn't feel too bad! haha. But seriously, I am not into starving myself or not rewarding myself every once in a while...just more of a healthy lifestyle change overall. I already feel so much better!

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  1. You are so adorable. I found your blog off of Shanty2Chic. I love your way of thinking and we have a lot in common as far as decorating etc..Just wanted to say hello and encourage you to keep being the sweet lady you seem to be. God Bless! Katie