Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas 2011 - Home Tour!

I finally got around to taking some pictures of the house since it is all decorated for Christmas! I love how it all turned out this year. It feels so cozy :)

Here our living room:
 Another view:
Our entryway table:
(I actually have BIG plans for our entryway that I will be starting on sometime soon after Christmas!)

 I ended up attaching some ribbon to our closet door that is in our living room & hung our Christmas cards with clothes pins. I love love LOVE getting Christmas cards in the mail :)
Our kitchen that I am still in LOVE with!! We completely remodeled our kitchen back in February and I can't believe I have never put up pictures before. Actually.......I do know is pretty much done except for 4 cabinet doors. That is a sore subject in this house so we won't go there :) Here is one side of the kitchen that is done:
I draped a pinecone/berry garland over the sink & decorated with some leftover greenery from our Christmas tree. We always get a real tree & always have to cut it down some to fit in our itty bitty living room. I love it because I can decorate with the leftovers :)

And here is our bedroom that is currently undergoing ANOTHER makeover!!! Ha! I got a new duvet cover from West Elm & I am about to paint the walls and the nightstands AGAIN. Also, I am going to hang some of our black & white wedding pictures by the window instead of all the other stuff .

I hung the Merry Christmas banner I made out of burlap from the curtain rods & decorated with more leftover greenery on the ledge :)

I plan on taking some outdoor pictures soon and also pictures of the salon are coming soon! :)

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The Nester
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  1. cute!! love the little banner above the bed!

  2. I love your Christmas tree and the Merry Christmas banner!

  3. Your home is beautiful! I love the bow on top of the tree!


  4. Such cute home decor. (I'm loving those drapes!)

  5. your home is adorable! i love the banner above your bed. and your kitchen is lovely, too!