Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Prayers Please!!!

Something really exciting happened yesterday! Josh got a call from Hendersonville Fire Department and he has an interview Jan 6th!!!

Let me back of for those who do not know the full story....

Josh has been trying to get on the fire department for 2 years now. He has applied several places and he is a volunteer in Pleasant View. He stays the night in PV one night a week and goes down there any free time he has to try and get experience. He is also starting EMT school next month. It has been a long process but it all started 2 years ago when he applied for Hendersonville. He did so good on the test that he placed #15 out of 300 something.....but they only hired 3. They had an opening earlier in the year so they called him and asked him if he still wanted to be on the list and he said yes. But at the time they only hired 1. They called him again last week to see if he still wanted to be on the list and he said yes. We knew he was moving on up in the list but had no clue where he was on the list. Well, they called him yesterday saying they wanted him to come in for an interview!!!! This is major! We really hope he gets this job. Please be praying with me for God's will in this situation! And if this is where is supposed to be that he will do good on his interview and that they will show him favor. Thank you so much! :)


  1. Are you talking about South Carolina, girl?

    *I'll say a prayer for your hubby.

  2. Thank you!! No, we live in Tennessee :)