Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Baby bump pics!

Sorry it has been a while! We have been doing some remodeling to our house (pics in a few weeks when it is all done!) and it has worn me out. We have workers doing it all but just having your normal routine thrown off & having workers in your house is exhausting. Especially when you work from home and cannot get away from it all! But it will be so worth it. 

I have been TRYING to do good about taking pictures to keep up with the baby bump changes! I will be 17 weeks tomorrow! I cannot believe it! The first couple of months went by soooo slow but now I feel like it is flying by. It's crazy to think I started taking these pics 7 weeks ago but it seems like yesterday.. (the 1st 2 pictures were before we really told a lot of people...but it was getting harder to hide and some people were starting to figure things out!)

I am a couple of weeks behind but will try to take one within the next few days. Here is one last one of me & my sweetie! 

P.S. This was his 1st Father's Day! I love him SO much and cannot wait to see him as a daddy. He will be the best!

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