Monday, December 8, 2008

The Real Housewife of Giles County

I am pretty sure this is the first day I have gotten bored since living in Pulaski. Josh is having to put in some hours at the fire department for school and he has been gone for several hours now. Normally I would have plenty of things to do or just enjoy my time relaxing on the couch... but not today. I am so restless for some reason! Let's see..... I have ate, watched TV, ate some more, curled my hair :), browsed on the internet, ate some MORE.....Hmm. I have thought about going down to the square to look through some of the cute shops but it is so cold. I have also thought about driving to Columbia, which is like 30 min away, to go to Ross and Hobby Lobby to finish up Christmas shopping but I don't want to use the gas! I have thought about going on ahead and making supper but it is only 2:00! I have also thought about going to the store to buy some stuff to make chocolate chip cookies and I haven't thought of a reason why I shouldn't do that yet... I mean, my hair does look cute so I need to go somewhere! Ha! Also, some chocolate is sounding sooo good right about now. Okay. I have talked myself into it :) Bye!

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