Monday, March 30, 2009

Just Married! Starring Josh & Rachel Conatser! haha!

Our friend, David Joseph, is VERY talented!! He is a graphic designer and does awesome work! He made this movie poster for us for our wedding gift & you have GOT to check it out!! 2008-2009 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED FOR DMJDESIGNER

How cool is that??!!! Thank you so much, David!! We absolutely LOVE it!! Now we have to get it printed so we can put it up :)

This weekend was pretty good! I had to work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday... I worked Sunday after church to make up for leaving early last weekend. It actually wasn't that hard of a weekend. I was very busy but am finally feeling back to normal so it makes things MUCH easier. Josh was supposed to have a game Saturday in Jackson against Lambuth but it got rained out. So he got to come home and go fishing with his dad! It ended up storming really bad so he didn't get to fish for long... But that night we ate at Buffalo Wild Wings! One of our favorites! It was soo good. We stayed the night with my parents that night but he had to leave very early Sunday morning and come back to Pulaski because they were leaving for Jackson at 8am. They did get to play Sunday afternoon and won one game and lost one game. I am glad they got to play!! It seems like there have been so many games to get rained out or canceled here lately.

I can't believe we are moving back to Ashland City in about a month and a half!! We are sooo ready to be back. We are both ready for summer to be here, and I am sure you are too :)

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