Monday, April 20, 2009

the countdown in ON!

Josh is graduating college AND we are moving all in less than 2 weeks and I could not be any more excited! Of course, we have a billion things to do between now and then but I am pretty sure we will survive it. This past weekend was great! Josh's team played Trevecca in Nashville so we were able to stay the whole weekend and spend some time with our families. Saturday night we stayed at my parent's house and we grilled out chicken and hamburgers. We also had french fries, bakes beans, and brownies for dessert :) Yummm. My mom cooks so good and she always cooks enough for a whole army! ha! After we ate, we all watched our wedding video. This was the first time my mom, dad, and Michael was able to watch it and they loved it! There were a few happy tears, of course! I think that Bentley and Kobe are starting to get along a little better....Maybe. I think they really do like each other but their way of playing is a little rough!

Sunday we went to church and ate at Don Ponchos afterwards. I had been craving Mexican food all weekend and it was sooo good. Our friends Shirley, Missy, and Keith went also and it was funny because the whole time we talked about how bad we all needed to go on a diet and start working out...while we were eating our Mexican food! ha. Josh informed me yesterday that if he wasn't married right now he would probably be about 15 pounds lighter...but he just can't turn away my pancakes I make him for breakfast! haha. I know I am spoiling him but it is just too much fun :)

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