Thursday, May 21, 2009

and our new American Idol is...........

KRIS ALLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! What a shock!! I have to admit, I never thought Kris would have made it this far in the competition.. and then he won the whole show! I didn't even watch it this week, not only because I was at work but because after the little stunt last week (Danny Gokey being voted off-- who was my FAVORITE) I could have really cared less. I thought that it would have been a very predictable show with Adam winning...well, I was wrong! This is ALMOST as big of a shock for me as Chris Daughtery being voted off a few years back. I must say that I was happy that Kris won over Adam, though. Adam is a better singer than Kris... BUT I feel like when he sings it does not come from his heart. I feel like he should have just stuck with Broadway. But anywayyyy, life does go on and I feel like mostly everyone in the top 10 were really good and that they will all be very successful. I am just wondering one thing though, now that American Idol is over.. what am I going to watch??!! I need a new show.

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