Friday, May 22, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday!

My favorite blogger, Kelly, is hosting Show Us Where You Live Friday! I absolutely LOVE this for a couple of reasons. For one, I love love love to decorate!! So it is a great way to get some really cute ideas by seeing how other people decorate. If you visit her website at, there will be hundreds of links to other bloggers that you can click on. I will warn you, when you click on these links and see how cute everyone decorates... you will be clicking for a long time because it is very addicting! ha! Another reason why I love Show Us Where You Live Friday is because it is a great way to show everyone our new place one room at a time! Since I am a few weeks behind, I am going to do a couple each week until I get caught up :)

This week is all about dining rooms!! We do not have a "formal" dining room.. Ours is kinda connected to our kitchen and living room. Hopefully one day when we buy a house, we can have a formal dining room but for right now, this is perfect and will do!!

I am going to give you a few different views. This one is from the kitchen looking at our table.

This view is from the living room. I just love our little table. It was my mom's table. She knew how much I loved it so she gave it to us!! Thanks, mom! Don't you just love moms :)

Here is another view of our "dining room"! The big picture I have hanging on the wall is from Kirkland's..One of the best stores ever for home decor! The closet that you see is our laundry room... I mean, laundry closet!

These flowers are my absolute favorite! I could not tell you what they are but I got them at Wal-Mart for $5.00 literally two weeks ago. They have lasted this long and still look great!! The vase they are in I got at Pier One, another FAV store of mine. The placemats and I fell in love at first sight. I got them at Kohl's... another FAV (ok, so every store is my favorite!!) because they always have such great sales!!

I am now moving on to guest bedrooms. We do live in a two bedroom triplex but I would hardly call the 2nd bedroom a guest bedroom. My cousin, Shauna, and her husband, Jay, and their little boy, Andrew, (and their dog, Colby!) stayed the night last weekend. We let them have our bed and we slept on an air mattress...but we will still call the 2nd bedroom our guest bedroom! This room is actually used for many, many things! ha.

This view is when you are looking into the room. My parents gave us their treadmill because when I lived at home I was the only one who ever used it anyway. The only problem is when we moved it to our new place, I think a cord or something came loose so now it does not work!! But when we get it fixed, I will be able to get on it and watch our TV that is inside the armoire. The armoire actually matches my bedroom furniture but we didn't have room for it in our bedroom. Also, we don't want a TV in our bedroom so it doesn't matter anyway! The picture on top was a gift to Josh from his parents on his graduation. He worked so hard for that diploma :) so we wanted to show that off as well!

Since we have two bedrooms with TWO closets, I have the one in our bedroom and Josh has the one in this bedroom. So here is his closet! Hanging on the wall is his 2008-2009 baseball plaque and a collage of pictures I made for him for his graduation.

This wall is going to be a very busy wall when I get it all set up!! I bought an antique sewing table off Craigslist that I am going to put here for my embroidery machine. It is white right now and is at my parents house, but I am going to stain it a dark brown color to match my armoire and all my other furniture. But this wall is where I will be doing all my embroidery stuff when I get it set up, which hopefully will be VERY soon now that we are all settled :)

Here is a beautiful cross that I got from my client, Kim's, yard sale. I just love it!! Also, some of our wedding pictures :)

Well, I hope you have enjoyed looking at our dining room and guest bedroom! Check back next Friday for another Show Us Where You Live Friday!

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  1. The flowers are so pretty and I love the linens on the table!