Monday, July 13, 2009

nope! not me!

Last week was probably one of the busiest work weeks ever.... besides the week before my wedding. My clients knew that I would not be available for most of September because of our wedding/honeymoon/moving to Pulaski so I was crazy busy the last week in August.

Last week, however, there were no special occasions. I just think everyone looked in the mirror & noticed their bad roots on the same week!! Which was very good for me money wise but I am really feeling it now. My body feels like it could fall apart for standing with my arms up in the air for most of last week. And I could barely talk yesterday after talking NON STOP for 34 hours...and that was just the talking done at work.

I am definitely not complaining :) I am soo thankful that God has provided me with an awesome career that I love. Anyhow!! With all that said, even though I was so busy at work last week.. I would never let everything in my house pile up & look like a cyclone has just went through it. And I would never let dishes from from 3 nights worth of dinner pile up. Nope, not me!! I am such a clean freak so I would never let Kobe go through the trash can in our bathroom and not pick that up for 2 days. And I would never in a million years let Josh's stinky work clothes sit on our living room floor for most of the weekend. To top it all off, even if I did do all of those things- I would NEVER let company come over to see our beautiful mess.

But would you call police officers company anyway???? We had to file a police report yesterday because someone stole my tags off my car. MY TAGS. Why in the world would someone do that??? Don't ask me- it just makes me so mad to think about it. I know someone took them because 2 screws do not come unscrewed themselves. The police officers said that this actually happens often. The took fingerprints but I doubt they will ever find them. Since we filed a report, we do not have to pay the full price to get new tags (thankfully) but we do have to pay some. I am not sure how much. I am about to go see. Grrr.

Btw.. his blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

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