Monday, October 26, 2009

back in business

These past two months have been SO crazy busy, to say the least. Let's see.. what all have we been up to?

(I would put exclamation marks/smiley faces beside each one of these but I will save u from that, so just imagine my happiness!!)

-bought out first home
-celebrated our first year of marriage
-completely restored our house, that was stuck in the 70's, to a house that is super cute
-finished out half of our basement
-started a business
-all at the same time of working our normal jobs without taking any days off

Whew. Just typing what we have done makes me tired all over again. BUT it was all worth it! We are now in our home that we looooove :) and I now have my own salon! We put a salon in our basement so that I can work from home and I absolutely L O V E it.

These past two months have been so stressful and exciting at the same time. But I can officially say that I think if our marriage can survive what we have gone through, we can survive anything! YESSSSS!

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