Thursday, October 1, 2009

major slacker

Yes, Yes, I know. I have been a major slacker in the internet department. Not only with blogging, but my friends on facebook have been asking to see pictures of our new house for over a month now.....and.......I just have not gotten around to it yet!! But I promise they are coming! My life is a disorganized mess right now and it is driving me crazy because I like for everything to be in it's place and it is SO not. Our first night in our new home was Monday! I absolutely love it here and I will love it even more when our hot water heater decides it wants to start working again......and when our washer and dryer gets hooked up......and my dishwasher gets hooked up (bc washing dishes in cold water in the sink is just not my thing). But mostly I just want a hot shower. Is it too much to ask for??? I don't know what the deal is. It did work- but after the guys moved it from one side of our basement to the other, it just has not worked since. It has started to get a little warm. But it is just enough to make you mad. Anyway, I know I have complained a lot but I really do love our little home :) It is perfect and reminds me of the house I grew up in. Pictures coming soon!! Promise!!

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