Sunday, December 6, 2009

imagine this.

It is a VERY COLD Saturday night- about 20 something degrees outside. My hunny and I are enjoying a wonderful evening in our warm home in our pajamas. I had just taken some chocolate chip cookies out of the oven and we are about to watch Four Christmases.

{the following can get kinda confusing so bear with me- if you want }

A client of mine calls me on my cell. She was just in the salon last week and we were both talking about how we want some Uggs really bad but was NOT about to pay that price. Well, she heard that Foot Locker in Clarksville had them on sale for $60 with an extra 25 percent off!!! That is super cheap for some Uggs and I was so excited. I hated to leave home since we were having such a good night but I just had to have them :-) Josh told me that was a great deal and to go on and get them so off I went. But 1st, I called to make sure they had my size. I asked the girl "Do you have brown Uggs in a size 5?" She checked and said "yes, we do."..... On the way there, I called a friend of mine to tell her about this great deal. She called her mom who was at Rivergate mall and she went into Foot Locker & they said they did not sell Uggs there. She texted me and told me that & I started to get a little suspicious. ANYWAY, long story short- I drove 35 minutes to get there and they did not even have them. They have LUGZ, not UGGS.

Can we say FURIOUS??? No, furious was not even the word.

But we did watch Four Christmases when I got home and it was a great movie! I would definitely recommend it :-)

So that was how I spent my Saturday evening....

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