Friday, December 4, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

I just love our tree this year! We were going to buy one on Black Friday but decided to just get another real tree and I am so glad we did. We got it at Wal Mart and it is so full and pretty :) We don't really have a "theme" and I kinda wish we did but oh well!
I got this white tree last year the day after Thanksgiving. Well, not sure I would call it a "tree" - just a cute fuzzy thing. My plan is to collect UT ornaments for it. Hubby really likes this one ;)

I also put a tree in my salon and I love it!! I got on Black Friday at Michael's pretty cheap and decorated it with glittery, red snowflakes and shatterproof silver ornaments. (shatterproof because I can see some little kid messing with it already on those concrete floors! Ha!) Instead of a skirt, I used some more leftover trimmings and pine cones from our tree and just spray painted them silver. I also had a berry garland that I added in with it.
I was not sure if I wanted to get another real tree this year because of our experience last year... If you do not remember then let's take a walk down memory lane! We cut this tree down ourselves- in the woods- behind the baseball field in Pulaski- pretty sure it was private property....ha! It didn't last long at all because it was obviously not a very sturdy tree!! Even though it was SO ugly, we absolutely loved it!! It was OUR tree, our first Christmas :-)
One thing I am not sure about when it comes to real trees is how you keep them alive? I have found out the hard way that you must water it every day but is there another trick out there? I really want our tree to last through Christmas and even through the New Year!! Please help!!
Thanks for stopping by & if you want to check out some other cute trees go to Kelly's Korner! Have a blessed Christmas :-)

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  1. I don't know how to keep them alive, but I just wanted to say that your trees are beautiful. Your first tree (the "ugly" tree), especially, is just precious! I can't get real trees because of allergies, but I think they are so nice!