Thursday, January 7, 2010

cute salon chairs

As some of you know (and for those of you who do not know!) I am now working from home!! Yep, that's right. We finished out part of our basement & made it a salon :) I love love LOVE it. I am especially loving it now that it is freeeeezing and I never want to leave the house! Anyway, finishing out part of our basement pretty much broke us so when it came to furnishing the salon, I had to do the cheapest .... but cutest :) ..... things possible. I will do a post very soon with pics of the salon, but right now I want to show you the chairs that I did for the waiting area. My mom had these old antique chairs.. Note: Please excuse the mess in the basement :)

The first thing I did was try to find some cute fabric to cover the chairs with. I looked everywhere. Nothing was really standing out that I wanted. That's when my mom introduced me to The Fabric Gallery in Nashville. (Again, what would I do without her?!) This place has THE cutest fabric ever.

This was a very easy project. I just spray painted the chairs black and re-covered them! Ta-Da!

I just LOVE the way the red looks with the aqua walls! Here is another chair that I did but used a cute black and white giraffe pattern :)
I am linking this to Shanty to Chic's website. Please check out their website to see other cute things we did without our hubbys!
I am also linking this to The DIY Show & Tell Suprise Party. Yay! Because I just love parties :)

More pics of my new salon coming soon! Also, a few other projects I'm working on..


  1. Looks great! How awesome to have your salon at home!

  2. good job! They look fabulous!

  3. Love the new chairs. They stand out against the blue walls. Great job. Congrats on being able to work from home. There is nothing like it any better.

  4. Great job! Love the fabric. I'd love if you linked these up to my Power of Paint party on Wednesdays.

  5. Red and aqua are my absolute favorite colors together, and that coupled with the crisp contrast of the black and white - I'm just blown away! I love the total effect - well done!!!

  6. darling chairs - they turned out beautiful!

  7. I love anything black and white and these are not different! I love the chairs - they turned out great!

  8. They're awesome! You did an amazing job! I really love the fabric - the entire new look is perfect! I'm new to your blog (thanks for linking your creativity to the DIY Show & Tell)! It's so nice to meet you! I'm a new follower. :)


  9. Wow, what awesome creativity!
    I love the chairs!!