Sunday, January 3, 2010

awake at 4 am

That's what happens when your husband wakes up while it is still dark outside to go sit in a duck blind. Can I mention that I checked the weather and it is 14 degrees out there??? I don't care how you bribe me, I will not get out of my warm bed for that :)

Normally, when he gets up that early, I go back to sleep right away. This time all I can think about is all I need to do this morning before church... or all that I want to do before church. (Writing this was not on my list but oh well!) I have several things I want to accomplish this year. I guess you could call them New Years Resolutions but I won't because then that would mean I probably won't get them done since most people break theirs. They are pretty typical but very important to me!

I want to have a closer relationship with the Lord! No matter how close we are to him, we can always be closer. I'm tired of that "comfortable" feeling that I have had lately. I want to pray more and read my bible more. Last year, my resolution was to read through the whole bible... well, let's just say I got pretty bored with the Old Testament and stopped somewhere around Joshua! That's bad, I know! I need to come up with some kind of plan that will help me get through the hard chapters so I won't just give up :)

I want to be a better wife, daughter, daughter in law, sister, friend, etc... Enough said!

I want to get this crazy house in order!!! There are still tons of things that need to be unpacked and organized. I worked on this for a long time yesterday and I have a huge pile of clothes I am getting rid of. I have a hard time getting rid of cute clothes, shoes, purses, smell good lotions, blah, blah, blah- but if I have not used it or worn it in a while, its gotta GO! I do love our house but its not as big as I would like for it to be to store all of my things that "I may want to wear or use someday!!" (and it drives the hubby crazy, ha!)

We want to do better this year and get all of our debt paid off and save some money. If we ever get that tax credit thing back for being a first time home buyer.... Ummm....$8000.... that would help A LOT! We are going to use that money to pay off Josh's student loans, a couple of other small loans we have, and then put the rest in savings. I know we waste a ton of money by going out to eat all the time and buying things we don't need. But we are going to try and be better about that :)

And I am sure like everyone else, I want to get in shape!!! I don't have to look like I just stepped out of a Victoria's Secret catalog or Glamour magazine.. (because I can't airbrush my body in the real world!) But I do want to be in shape and work out and eat healthy. Just feel good about myself. Don't take that the wrong way!! I am happy with myself but there are a few things I would change if I could... I mean, I am a woman and we always want what we don't have, right? :)

There are a few more things I hope to accomplish this year but that's all I will say for now! I am needing to make some coffee so I can make it through this day! Have a great day :)


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  1. I'm with you-I'll take the warm bed...
    My little girl (2 yrs old) said something the other day to her Dad that she wanted to go hunting with him and the 3 boys. She is a girly girl but wants to try and keep up with her 3 brothers too. Her Dad HAD to have her tell me. She said "and you can come too Mama". Her Daddy said "Mama doesn't go hunting". I said "do you want to go hunting with Mama for some shoes and new clothes?" Her reply "YES". Daddy said "No". She looked confused. I said "Are you gonna sleep in a tent, outside, on the hard ground?" She said "NO". Daddy--"you can sleep in my arms"
    Miss G4-"Yeah". I think Daddy would be calling for someone to be picked up before the night was over.

    I hope the $8,000 comes soon (does it apply to your taxes or do you actually get a check?) and I hope someone gets a lot of use out of those great clothes.

  2. haha! That's too funny and cute :) We are supposed to get a check.. really not sure at this point! We sent it in over 3 months ago!

  3. Ah, those are good goals! Good luck with that tax rebate... I'm sure it will be in soon! (and our bird dog Coe is jealous... He hasn't gotten out yet this year, but hopes to do so soon!)

    Check out my blog- I'm having my first giveaway!