Saturday, January 2, 2010

Welcome 2010!

I can't believe another year has come and gone. 2009 was a HUGE year for us!! What did we accomplish?

- Josh graduated college
- we bought our first home
- we celebrated our 1st year of marriage
- I started my own salon
- Kobe turned 1

And those are just the majors ;) Every year when a new year comes and goes, it really makes me thankful for all the Lord has blessed me with! (and I feel like I don't even deserve all he has given me!!) I can't wait to see what 2010 has to bring!

We brought in the new year with my best friend, Annie, and her hubby and their family! Annie is PREGNANT :) and they will be finding out Jan 15 what they are having!! I am sooo excited! It was so good to be able to see her and her belly bump:) She is starting to show a little more and looks so cute.
All the guys watched the UT game.. we lost :( ... maybe we will be better next year! All the girls were in the kitchen (of course!) cooking and having fun! Have you seen on TV where you can make the little hamburger sliders?? Well, Annie's MIL has one and that thing is so cool! I want one :) Annie also made some cheese fondue. It is the Melting Pot's recipe and oh my word!! So good! After the game was over, we played a domino's game called Wild Fire. It was fun!! We did stop in the middle of the game so we could watch the ball drop. Welcome 2010!! Now I just have to decide one thing.....

Am I going to say two thousand ten??? Or twenty ten???? Decisions Decisions.

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  1. Congratulations to all your accomplishments!! Those are some big ones!! Good luck in "twenty-ten" haha~ :)