Wednesday, March 24, 2010

it's that time of year again.

Yes, that's right. TAX TIME. I really hate taxes!!! Being self employed has its good & great things- and its bad things.... We filed our taxes this morning and I am actually pretty pleased. Josh did not pay in any money last year (I pay quarterly so it helps me out in the end) so I figured we would have to pay in a bunch. But thankfully, since we are 1st time home buyers, we have an $8000 credit so yay! We are not getting the full amount back but its pretty darn close:)

It would be sooo nice if we could just take that check and buy a car or go on a trip or anything! BUT we are going to pay off his student loans (he owes about $5000) and another $1500 loan we have. So there will not be much left over but thats okay. I hate seeing that EdFinancial bill come in every month and the other loan too. It will free us up alot.

We do plan on saving for me a new car though. I have a 99 Honda Accord and it runs pretty good. But it squeals every now and then (which could be fixed easily) and sometimes when I am driving down the road my trunk pops open!! Very embarrassing! On top of all that, the paint is chipping off big time. It used to be a small area on the trunk but now its pretty much the whole trunk and is spreading to the top of the car now. I am not the kind of girl who has to have the best looking car and all, but I don't want to feel like I'm driving a clunker! Ha!

Here are some cars that I have been looking at and would LOOOOVE to have :)

I love the new Honda CRVs. My mom has the older model and I really like it. It gets great gas mileage too.

And I just love the Nissan Muranos! I don't think the gas mileage is as great as the CRV but they sure are cute:) I have some time to shop around and think about it though. We are going to start saving and maybe this fall or winter we can do it! yay

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