Monday, March 29, 2010

sugar free strawberry shortcake

My dad is a diabetic so I am always on the look out for desserts that I can make that are sugar free. This is not your typical strawberry shortcake but it is sugar free and SO good :)


1.5 oz container of sugar free fat free instant vanilla pudding
1 container of sugar free cool whip
T.Marzettis sugar free glaze for strawberries (got it at WalMart)
1 container of strawberries
sugar free angel food cake (also from WalMart)


Mix pudding according to directions on package and let it set. Mix in most of the cool whip. Leave a little left over for topping :)

Cut up strawberries into chunks. Leave about 4 strawberries leftover for topping. Mix in the sugar free strawberry glaze.
Cut the angel food cake in half 3 ways and start layering.. Top with leftover cool whip and strawberries and this is what you will get :) Enjoy!(You can't tell in the pic but there are 3 layers of angel food cake!)

1 comment:

  1. It looks beautiful and yummy! You'll have to make it for dad...he loves strawberry shortcake. Love you, Mom.