Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter was so much fun yesterday! We went to church and it was so good. It was our new pastors first Sunday and I really enjoyed his sermon. I love Easter. Not only because of all the food and candy and family time..but it makes me think of my Savior and the price he paid for me! After church, we all went over to Josh's Granny's house for lunch. They always invite my parents also which makes it SO much fun to have everyone together. The food was wonderful, as always, and the company was too! Me and my hunny :) He stopped reading the paper for about 5 seconds to take a picture with me! He hates taking pictures..Me and my sister in law, Sarah. (Josh's sister)Me & my parents after lunch. They are the best!Me and both of my sister in laws! The one on the left is Tiffani, she is married to Josh's brother and they are expecting their first baby in August. They just found out Friday that they are having a GIRL!!! I'm going to be an aunt :) I am going to have to try not to buy every cute pink thing I see! She will be the first grandchild too so I'm sure she will not be spoiled at all :)My sweet in laws!

Josh's little cousins, Joseph & Keith, blowing bubbles! They are so cute:)
It was SUCH a beautiful day so we went out on the boat for a little while. Here is Josh doing what he loves to do most- fish! And he caught a bunch!
Me & Sarah just laid out hoping to get a tan :) fun times!

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  1. So cute!! I really love the last picture of you and Sarah. Love you, Mom.