Tuesday, April 6, 2010

baby changing table makeover

My best friend, Annie, is having a baby girl and is due on June 8th :) I am SOOO excited! Her mom saved her crib she used when she was a baby...and her MIL gave her a dresser to use. All she needed was a changing table. Well, a few weeks ago me and my mom were at my fav thrift store in Nashville (Southern Thrift Store) and I saw this changing table for only $18.99! I knew it had potential. This is the pic I sent to Annie on my cell to see if she liked it...not a great pic...
So last Friday I took off work and went to help her paint the dresser and changing table. I just figured it would fit in my car but it wouldn't so Josh had to take it apart. When I got to Annie's we had to put it back together and I wish we could have had a picture of that! HA! But anyway, It was a GORGEOUS day! Doesn't she look soooo cute with her little belly :) I glued this cute thing on here- not sure what you call it but you can get them at Lowe's or Home Depot. I thought it gave it a cute girly look.Here it is after we primed and painted just one coat. She still needs to do another coat. She registered for some cute baskets to put on the shelves. We thought it turned out super cute!


  1. great job on the redo. Love the addition of the "cute thing" as you called it. It is called ornamental moulding and it really dresses up the changing table.

  2. How cute!!! I love it and I REALLY love the little moulding you put on the top! It adds the girly touch to it. You definitely have the eye for seeing potential in the unfabolous!!

  3. I love it, and you both are so cute!