Friday, April 30, 2010

Money Saving Tips :)

When I think of the good ol days when I still lived at home and had NO bills and made LOTS of makes me sick. Because I think of all the money I could have now if I would have saved my money instead of spending it all on everything cute that I saw and car payments. But I can't go back but I can learn from that :) I do still go shopping and enjoy a good mani & pedi every now and then... but I don't over do it. Here are some ways Josh and I save money:

*COUPONING! This is something I really need to get back into. I planned my meals for the week according to what was on sale and what I had coupons for. It definitely took some time but when I did it, we saved lots of money!!
*I love yard sales and Goodwill and thrift stores. Sometimes you can find something really cute that you can paint and make it even cuter :)

*When it comes to clothes, I love TJ Maxx and Marshalls and Old Navy and Target. That is where I buy most of my clothes. I only buy clothes that are not on sale or really cheap if I just LOVE it.

*When it comes to furniture..CRAIGSLIST! And not just furniture...but any big purchase. Just a couple of weeks ago, Josh and my parents bought my $1300 Nikon camera from a man off Craigslist for only $400!!

*We do not have car payments. We do plan on getting new cars (well, used but new to us) within a few years but our plan is to save the money first. If we can't save ALL of it, atleast most to put down on on a new car.

*We don't have credit cards. If we can't afford that brand new couch I am wanting right now.... then we will wait until we can save up and pay cash for it. I don't need it that bad :)

Our money saving tips do not work for everyone but they work for us! Check out Kelly's Korner to find other ways you can save some money:)


  1. Thanks for all the great tips! I took notes off of your post :) Happy Friday and your blog is too cute!

  2. I want new couches too - but like you I'm waiting until we can pay CASH : )