Sunday, September 12, 2010

just kitchen dreamin'

Ugh. I really hate my kitchen.
If you know me well then you know that we have been waiting on our 1st time home buyers credit so that I can re-do my kitchen. Well, the lovely IRS decided to make me wait for 1 whole year. Thanks a lot..... So you can imagine my excitement when I checked the mail last week and found that check for $7,138.75!!! Yayyy!! To get the kitchen of my dreams it would take every penny (and more!) of that check..... but since we are not planning on living in this house forever, I don't want to put that much money into it. Also, we decided to pay off the hubby's student loans. I'm not gonna miss that EdFinancial bill every month :) I am left with approximately $2000 (and a little more) to make my ugly kitchen look as close as possible to the kitchen of my dreams. Wish me luck!!!
Here are a few pictures of some of my dream kitchens :)
WOWWW! I am in love with this 1st pic!! It has everything I love.... white cabinets, dark countertops, dark hardware, and dark hardwood floors. Oh and an island, glass doors, and lots of lighting :)

I love the beadboard in this pic! Beadboard is a MUST for my new kitchen. And what a cute little oven hood!

Pretty glass cabinets :) I love the way they have panes that look like a window....not sure what you call it....

Ahhhhh :) Love the dog too!!!

Ahhhh:) One day I'd love to have an island with a pot rack like this. And I love the tile backsplash!

Pretty, Pretty :)

OH and we cannot forget about the farmhouse sink that I am dying to have!!!! Love the apple green & red accessories:) and can I pleeeease have a window sill big enough to put some pretty flowers on?!

Another farmhouse sink and beadboard:)

Hmmmm.....should I get a farmhouse sink for the house we are in now??!!!

Ahhhh :) Maybe one day.
A girl can only dream.


  1. You can have your dream kitchen, step at a time. Love all of these kitchens!