Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bedroom Makeover- Faux Board & Batten :)

We bought our house over a year ago and it is still (and probably always will be) a work in progress!! That is ok with me though. I love that our house is an older house and I enjoy making it my own :) The only thing I wonder about with older houses......where in the world did they keep all their clothes and shoes and purses and accessories??!! Our closets are small and the rooms are pretty small- too small for a good size bed AND a good size dresser without being too cramped :( Oh well, I am learning to deal with this! Ha.

I have been unhappy with our bedroom ever since we have been here (until now!)..... Trust me, you can ask my husband how many times I have moved things around and moved things in and out! Unfortunately, the best place for our bed is in front of a window. I tried to resist it for a long time but nothing else was working out.....I wasn't happy with that.......I wasn't happy with the color of the walls because it just seemed soooo dark......I wasn't happy with the drapes or the quilt......or my nightstands......

{I didn't even make my bed before this pic...ha!}

It really has taken me a good year to figure out my "style" that I love in a house. Looking around on other blogs and in magazines and HGTV has helped me figure that out :) So anyway, one day I saw this post by Shanty 2 Chic!! I fell in love with the faux board and batten in her hallway wall. I thought it would be a great idea to do that in my bedroom & make that wall an "accent wall". I absolutely Looooove it!

I also re-painted the walls to a lighter color (and my mom helped..not sure what I'd ever do without her!!!) and it looks SO much better and brighter. It is called Beachnut by Valspar. I also took off our footboard even though I loved really opens things up alot. OH, did I mention that I built this all by myself??? Yep. I measured everything out and made a list of supplies I would need and headed to Lowes! They cut the wood exactly in the sizes I needed and I did this project in a day!! I just followed Shanty 2 Chic's directions. The only thing I did different was that my shelf comes out 4 inches...that way I can put all kinds of cute things up there! And I didn't even need my hubby :) I am pretty sure he was nervous though when I came home with all the supplies & told him what I was going to do.... but he was impressed when I got done! Ha.

OK, I'm in love with the shelves!! I can't wait to get some cute things & pictures to put on the shelves & walls :)

I am going to do another post about these nightstands my mom gave me but I loove them and am really happy with how they turned out!! Thanks mom :) I got the new lamps at Target and the cute little white pitcher at Ikea. I can't wait to put some fresh flowers in there!

The closet doors have been a major issue since we moved into this house. They originally were the kind that slide back & forth but those things drove me absolutely crazy so I took them down one day. We had a curtain up there for a while....but I got tired of that too so I took it down. So we went forever without anything. Getting new doors made a HUGE difference in this room and made me one happy lady!!!

Let's take a closer look at my new quilt :) Ahhhhhh. I did splurge on this but when I saw it on Pottery Barn's website, I had to have it! I bought this dresser off Craigslist about a month ago and painted/distressed it. It is the PERFECT size for our bedroom. I have not done much with this wall yet but trust me- I have big plans :)

I got the white drapes at Ikea and the bamboo roman shades at JC Penneys.

Oh, and we cannot forget this! I got this at Target and it was love at first sight..... :)

I am really happy with the way our bedroom has turned out! There are still a few more things that I want to do in there.....

-get or make throw pillows for bed

-get started on dresser wall

-get cute door knobs from Hobby Lobby for closet doors

-re-paint ceiling

I am linking this up to Thrifty Decor Chick & I Heart Naptime & Shanty 2 Chic & The DIY Showoff! Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Looks awesome! Love the way it changes the room. I also LOVE those dressers!

  2. I LOVE it!!!!! Great job Rachel! Can't wait for your post about the nightstands. Hope your feeling all better.:)


  3. I know I told you earlier.....but I love it! Such a big difference. Can't wait to see it in person!

  4. Your room looks fantastic! I love the board and batten! :)

  5. Love it!!! And I love those nightstands!!! Whoop! ;-)

  6. Your room looks awesome! I am having the same issues with my bedroom, but I am loving your ideas! Thanks for the inspiration!