Monday, January 3, 2011

staying optimistic & goals :)

Sooo I woke up on New Years Day feeling like I have been run over by a truck....(definitely not because I had been out partying the night before!) Josh took me to one of those walk in clinics and turns out I have strep throat :( So all I have done since Saturday is sleep and lay around. Luckily, I have the best hubby and the best parents who have taken good care of me :) and I did wake up this morning feeling a LOT better. Another good thing?? I may have gotten a jump start on one of my New Year resolutions- losing a little weight!! Ha.
So even though we have started the New Year with strep throat, more doctors bills, and being broke as a joke... I am still going to stay positive! It can only get better from here :)
I re-painted the salon floors last week and they look SOOO good! They have to sit for 6 days before you can walk on them so when I get everything set back up I will post some pics. I can't believe the difference a little paint will do! So I am off til Friday and now that I am feeling a little better I have got to get some things done around here. Here are some goals for this week:

-start getting things together for taxes. yuck...but it has to be done!
-maybe try to paint the bedroom?? I've had the paint for weeks now but have just been too busy until now to do it.
-get back into the gym starting tomorrow. The doctor said I could be contagious up until today..
-finish cleaning up the basement & extra bedroom.
-get started on my SIL's birthday present...
-deep clean the whole house. (baseboards.. windows...)
-watch Pretty Little Liars that starts back up tonight!! :)

Sounds like a fun week, huh? It is funny how you get older and your off time is not really spent "off". Oh well, better get busy!

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