Friday, March 25, 2011


Well, we sold the boat!!!!!!

I thought my poor husband was going to cry when he just watched someone else pull his boat out of our driveway. It was Josh's decision, though, to sell it. He sold it for exactly the money he has put into it...and that exact amount will pay off all of our debt almost to the penny (besides our house of course)! Wooo hooo! So here in about an hour we will be debt free!

God has definitely blessed us this year so far. We found out a few weeks ago that somehow we OVERpaid on our 2009 taxes and the IRS just figured that last week we got a check from the IRS for $2200!! Crazy. When does the IRS ever owe you money??! I know it was a God thing. It's funny how God provides. His promises are always true :)

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