Friday, June 24, 2011

Addy's fun day with her Aunties!

I got to babysit Addyson today and it was such a fun day :) My SIL, Sarah, was off today so she came over to hang out with us. We did ALL kinds of fun things......
went for a walk down our road.....

our neighbor, Jennifer, came along & brought her 2 little boys. Tripp liked pushing his baby brother :)

Trav was OUT!

we played in the grass for a little while.....

and when Addy doesn't get her way she will let you know by putting out that bottom lip! ha!

Aunt Rachel is a messy baby feeder :)

she LOVED playing on the bed!!

pretty girl :)

she had a little bedhead after her nap!

OH and we painted her toenails pink!!!! :)

I just love her SO much!

I am LOVING the feather trend!!! I ordered some for the salon & they finally came in :)

I also put a couple in my friend Jennifer's hair.
So that is what my day consisted of! Needless to say I am very worn out even though it was a very good day!

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