Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day 2011

We had a great Father's Day this year! We were able to spend most of the day with both of our dads & families which made it perfect :)  Josh & I are both so thankful for our dads. God truly blessed us that is for sure. We love them both so very much!!

We took my dad out to eat at his favorite restaurant- Outback! Here he is getting all teary eyed opening one of the gifts we got him :)
I framed a picture of me & him when I was a baby in a frame that says Daddy's Girl & he loved it :)
 Yep, I am still a daddy's girl!

 That night we went to Josh's brothers house for a fish fry! It's been a tradition the last few years to do a fish fry on Father's Day at their house & we had such a good time. Josh's whole family comes & they always invite my family too which makes it fun. We ate waaaayyyy too much though! Ha.

So just on Sunday alone I ate ribs & a salad & a baked potato at Outback...then a few hours later I ate fried EVERYTHING and tons of dessert...ha....so this week I am cooking very healthy all week & getting back into working out. Me & my mom & my dad went to a spin class last night and it was so good! I am soooo sore today though....but that just means it worked, right :) Hope so because 4 weeks from today I will be sitting on the beach!

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