Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kobe Update & Canning!!

I took Kobe to the vet yesterday (he needed to get his shots and mani/pedi anyway..) so I got them to look him over after the seizure incident. He HATES going to the vet :( Poor thing started shaking like a leaf as soon as we walked in the door......

he is hiding behind the chair ....

He has been acting 100% like himself since the seizure so they did not seem too worried. They said to keep an eye on him...apparently dogs can have seizures every once in a while?? Only if they are having them more than once a month should you be worried.....we did decide to do some blood work on him though to make sure everything was ok & his liver numbers came back pretty high :( The vet said the seizure & the liver numbers are not related whatsoever so this was just a new problem we have discovered. It is not so high to be very worried so they want me to change his diet. I feed him Purina Little Bites now but they want me to switch to Iams. Also, no treats (he is going to be one sad puppy because he loves his treats!) I usually give him Beggin Strips or something like that that you buy at Wal-Mart but she said they are processed and not good for dogs. I can only give him green beans, baby carrots, marshmallows, etc for treats. She wants to check his numbers again in a month to see if that has helped. If not, they want to run another test to check if his liver is functioning. I pray that changing his diet will help!!!!

Poor thing has been through so much :( He looks so sad in this pic which makes me VERY sad
 After we left the vet we went over to my mom's house to do some canning!! This was my 1st canning experience and it was hard work but so worth it!!! My mom did 12 pints/quarts of pickles!

 We also put away 19 quarts of peaches & cream corn which was SOOOO good :) and canned 39 pints of green beans...

My mom was working on canned pickled beets (our FAV!) when I had to leave. She ended up doing 22 pints!!!

So it was a very productive day. My mom said it is addicting & I now see what she means! When we get back from Florida I want to can some tomatoes and spaghetti sauce and banana peppers. And I want to freeze some butter beans. I will be so happy this winter when I have all of my fresh veggies :)

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  1. Looks Great! Would you be able to share some canning instructions and recipes?