Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pinterest Love: Cute Hair Ideas!

Being a hairstylist, usually the first thing I notice about someone is their hair. It is so bad that sometimes when I am in church I have to really make myself focus on the sermon and not everyone else's hairstyles and color!!

Don't worry, I ask for forgiveness and Jesus knows how much I love him :) Ha.

Anyway, I have seen SOOOO many cute hairstyles and colors that I just love on Pinterest lately that I just had to share!

Zooey Deschanel is just gorgeous. So is her hair! Love everything about it.
Bangs are really in right now and she pulls it off beautifully :)
The bangs really make her eyes stand out!

Check out this cute twisted bun!

RED hair is my absolute favorite!!!! I love love love this.
Source: google.ca via Sarah on Pinterest

I am trying REALLLLY hard to let my hair grow out a little bit but this cute cut might just change my mind ;) Love her color too!!

Wow. Beautiful. If I was planning my wedding right now, this is what I would do :)

It is not a surprise that I love this. For one, it's REESE WITHERSPOON! She is my favorite! Josh thinks we would be best of friends if we could meet in real life :) Love her loose, messy curls.
Source: google.com via Rachel on Pinterest

 Braids are also really in right now! Love this super cute braided messy bun!

Love this rich, chocolatey color!!

Another gorgeous red head :)

A beautiful updo!!! Love the flower also ;)

Another Reese picture...another cute bangs picture!
Source: google.com via Rachel on Pinterest

I love Katie Holmes with short hair!! This is the cutest cut & I love the loose curls.

As you can tell,
I really could post cute cuts & colors all day long.

I am sooooo glad that I have a job that I love! Not only is it fun & it lets me be creative, but I get to make people feel good about themselves every single day.. because you know we all feel good when our hair looks cute!! It is such a rewarding job :)


  1. hahaaha Rachel you crack me up!!! ...and yes Jesus does know how much you love him hahaha you are too much!! but i do love all the cute styles...especially since I opted to not chop off my hair...now I have some ideas for once it grows a little bit more :) LOVE YOU! :)-Tiffany L.

  2. I love the twisted bun! I wish I could do half of these hairstyles on my own head but I've attempted similar ones and FAILED! Ha!
    They are really cute styles though.

    And the picture at the top of your blog is so pretty! I love it!

    I hope you'll check out the giveaway on my blog that I'm posting on friday!

    Have a happy Thanksgiving!!