Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Catch up!

Wow! I am soooo behind on my blog.... I am going to try and do better. But I can say my house has been really clean lately :) I just wish there were more hours in the day to do all I want to do. 

Something major has happened in our world! We got smart phones!!! I say it is major because our phones were so old and ancient. I did not think I needed a smart phone because I work from home and why would I need internet on my phone when I can just get on my computer at home?? WRONG! We finally broke down and did it and now I am in looooove. I got an iPhone and Josh got a Commando (his is more heavy duty and waterproof because he is pretty rough with his phones). 

I love Instagram!!!!! Here is our life in pictures over the last couple of weeks :)

 My friend's wedding was GORGEOUS! They got married in this church.
 We went to a couple of Preds games and they are SOOOO much fun!! I never knew hockey was so intense. We are definitely hockey fans now :)
 my wonderful parents! Love them so much.
 my niece, Addy! She is getting so big!
 LOL! Kobe being a beggar! 
 How can you resist that pitiful face?!
 Like mother, Like daughter :)
 The Bicentennial Trail. Love it.
 Mmmmmm. I am now addicted to steel cut oats thanks to Panera and my mom :) I will be posting some of my favorite recipes soon.
 Sleepy head. 
I will post more later!

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  1. Your dog is soo cute. He reminds me of a mix of both of my dogs!