Monday, March 17, 2014

Egg retrieval!

Our egg retrieval was yesterday and they were able to retrieve 15 eggs!! 15!! This is how it all happened:

We arrived at St. Luke's hospital at about 5:35.. 25 minutes early! They were calling for a rain/snow mixture so I wanted to leave in plenty of time. Turns out that the weather was not bad at all so we were way early. They took us in a little room where we spent the next 2 hours. I got changed into 2 gowns and some slippers that they gave me. They also gave me some warm blankets which I loved! Every now and then the nurse would come in and ask me some questions. Finally, the anesthesiologist came in and hooked my IV up. He was very nice. About 15 min before the scheduled retrieval, Dr. Silber and Dr. DeRosa came in to talk to us for a minute. And then it was time to go! I got really nervous all of a sudden. I was nervous about mainly being put to sleep. The nurse walked me back to the OR and the doctors and several other people were already in there waiting for me. When I walked in, Dr. DeRosa said "yes, we need to get you pregnant because you are just too cute!". And Dr. Silber said "yes, we need to get these genes passed down!". I thought it was funny and sweet but still was so nervous!! I laid down with my legs in stirrups (yes.. Very awkward with a room full of people watching. I was completely covered but STILL!) and the anesthesiologist started hooking me up and putting stickers on me and putting air in my nose.. It was all very overwhelming. But Dr. DeRosa sat there and held my hand the whole time! It really helped so much to have him do that! Another reason why I love our doctors! He said my hands were freezing so they got me another warmblanket to help me relax. Then they told me to pick a good dream and that I would be out in about 15 seconds. I told them I was at the beach and they all laughed and said they wished they were there too! The next few seconds were very scary. I felt a lot of tingling in my head and I knew it was about to happen. I hated that feeling because I was not in control of my body at all!! I wanted to say - hang on a minute!! Not yet!! The next second I tried to fight it.. The next second I was praying .. The next second I was OUT!

I woke up back in the little room Josh and I first started in. I remember hearing josh say that we got 15 eggs but honestly that was not my main concern at the moment..I just remember everything being so bright and then I felt them. The cramps!!!! Oh my goodness. I did not realize the cramping would so bad. Imagine terrible period cramps times 10! And my left ovary was throbbing for some reason. The nurse got me some medicine to take and within 30 minutes I was feeling much better.  Then the nurse came in and taught josh how to give me the progesterone shot! This is a bigger shot than what I have been doing and it goes in my hip/butt. I have to do this shot every day and if we do get pregnant, I will continue for 8 weeks!!! I can say that my butt is already soooo sore from those shots!! It feels like I have been doing Brazil butt lift videos but trust me- that is not the case.

We stayed in that little room for about an hour and a half and were starving by the time we left. So we got breakfast at IHOP then went back to the room and passed out until about 4:30! When we woke up, the cramps were back. Not quite as bad but I could tell the medicine was wearing off . I took some Tylenol and we just relaxed all night.  Today has been the same way- very relaxing. The cramps are still there but not as bad AT ALL. And my ovaries finally feel so much better. We did get out and get some dinner and went to see a movie. We saw 12 years of slave. It was so sad but so good!!

We did talk to Dusty today and she told us that out of the 15 eggs- 10 were mature and 8 actually fertilized!!!!!! We go back in Wednesday morning at 6 am and the transfer will be at 8am.  We will find out then how many if those 8 actually made it to embryo stage!! We have decided to transfer 2 and freeze the rest! It is all just so amazing and we are so excited!!! Thank you so much for all of your prayers!