Thursday, March 13, 2014

Follicles are growing!

I went back yesterday morning for another ultrasound and blood work. I was watching the ultrasound tech during the ultrasound trying to figure it out and self diagnose myself!  Ha. I could tell that there were bigger follicles for sure. Dusty called me several hours later and said that things are still looking good! My blood work was great and I now have 11 measurable follicles on my right ovary and 6 measurable follicles on my left ovary! My right ovary definitely seems to be over achiever! :) She wants me to still continue with the same amounts of Lupron and Follistim. She said that she is thinking my target date for the egg retrieval will be either Sunday or Monday! I go back again tomorrow morning for another ultrasound and blood work just to check things again. They have not said anything about me being over stimulated which is good. I know I am at risk but I would think that if I was being over stimulated, they would cut back my meds some. But what do I know?! I really need to stay off google!

Yesterday we were just relaxing in the room and the front desk called. They said they had something for us and said they would deliver it to our room. We had no clue what it would be.... I was so surprised to open the door and to see this!
Beautiful flowers from my hunny!! I love him so so much :)

I am still very crampy and tired. I get worn out pretty easy. And it seems like I have lost my appetite completely! I have not been hungry at all since yesterday but have made myself eat. This is unusual for me because I love love to eat. I think it's just because my stomach feels so bad. My ovaries feel very sore and tender. And sometimes they will just throb.  Walking does make it worse so I just walk slower and take things easy. It's not like we are in a hurry or anything here anyway! I am having a great time but it is starting to get a little hard being away from home. There is only so much laying around you can do.. Or so much tv you can watch.. So we have been trying to get out but just taking things slow. We wanted to make some spring wreaths but we went to Michael's yesterday and they didn't have what we needed. I think we may go see a movie and I definitely want to go buy a good book!

I did find out something a couple of days ago that I forgot to mention earlier. I thought I had PCOS but it is actually just PCO. I do not have the syndrome that causes weight gain, high testosterone levels, acne, etc. I just have polycistic ovaries. I did not know there was really a difference but it makes sense.

I do miss Josh and Kobe so much!! Josh is coming one day this weekend..probably Saturday.. And he may bring Kobe! I am going to find out for sure but I think our hotel is pet friendly. I would looove to have him here and he would be so happy! He loves going bye bye :)

Well, I will update more tomorrow after I hear results from my appointments in the morning! Hopefully we will know a target date for sure and will have instructions for my HCG shot! :)

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