Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lupron & monitoring & such

Well, not really anything new going on here...YET! Tomorrow marks 2 weeks since I have been on Lupron. Side effects? First, hot flashes and night sweats for sure!! The hot flashes can come on at any time but especially when I am blow drying my client's hair in the salon. But the night sweats...that is a different story. They happen every.single.night and I usually wake up soaking wet. It's terrible! Another side effect... sex. It hurts! Sorry if that is TMI but it can be a side effect and it definitely is with me. I have never had this problem before so I know it is the Lupron. It puts you in a menopausal state... I actually saw a commercial the other day talking to women going through menopause regarding sex. Apparently, there is a medicine that helps make it not as painful. I feel their pain! ANYWAY. Another side effect is that I have been a little emotional. Nothing too bad though. I have read where some women feel mean and irritated but luckily I have not felt that way. I have also been having some headaches, which can be a side effect..but it could also be because I have quit drinking caffeine. I loooove my coffee so this has been hard but my doctor does recommend it so that is what I am doing. I also gave up my kickboxing class I have been teaching.

I went this morning for my 1st monitoring appointment. I had an ultrasound done to check my follicles. She said I had a lot of follicles on each ovary but no dominant one. I do not know if that is normal or what that means! I also had blood work done to check my hormone levels. Our IVF coordinator will be getting in touch with me sometime today to tell me the results of everything. If it all looks good, we will be starting the stimulation shots tomorrow!! It is called Follistim. I will also take a HCG shot tomorrow. I have been very nervous about these appointments this morning. I am so worried that they are going to say something is not right or the way it should be & we will have to delay it all. I know it will be okay if that happens but I just think about my work schedule. I had to take off for 2 weeks because we will be in St. Louis for about 10 days or so. I have it all worked out now but if it gets pushed back then it will be hard to reschedule everyone again. But I also know I do not need to worry- especially about something I cannot change or do anything about.

The past few days we have had a lot of ice and snow! A lot for Tennessee anyway! It has been such a mess but also really pretty. Here are a few pictures.

And one more of my sweet boy!

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