Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ready to go!

Good news! My ultrasound and bloodwork came back good and they are happy with how I am progressing. Thank you Lord! So our IVF coordinator gave us the go to start the stim shots! So Thursday night I had to do 3 injections...Lupron, Follistim, and a microdose HCG shot. I was really nervous about all of that but honestly it was not as bad as I thought it would be! I still think Lupron hurts the most. Only because my skin stings and turns red right after the injection. But it doesn't last long. Now I am just doing Lupron (smaller dose) & Follistim. The Follistim is what will make a lot of eggs! But it is also making my body ACHE. It started in my right leg. I mean, my whole leg- the thigh, knee, calf, ankle,toes- would just throb. Now it is both legs & my right arm and wrist.

My mom & I are leaving right after church tomorrow for St. Louis!!! I cannot believe it is finally here. It still does not feel real! I will be going to the doctor several days next week for more ultrasounds and blood work. They want to monitor me & check my levels so they can adjust the meds as needed. They are watching me very close because I have PCOS and a lot of follicles & they do not want to overstimulate me. Not only could it cancel the cycle- but it is very dangerous and painful. But we are just praying that does not happen.

I am also VERY excited about just getting away and spending some time with my mom! I know there will be a lot of emotions going on and I may not feel the best, but I am looking forward to just hanging out with her. We are going to relax and watch movies and work on some crafts in the room. We have also found a few consignment stores online that we want to find when we get there!

I am also looking forward to this time change tonight. I am so ready for spring and longer days! Not too much longer!

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