Thursday, April 23, 2009

this weekend :-)

I have been waiting for this weekend for a long time! Tomorrow will be the LAST day that I have to drive 1 hour and 40 minutes to work!! It will be the last weekend that I have to stay at my parent's house while Josh in here in Pulaski (btw, I love staying at my parent's but I hate being away from Josh!) After this weekend and after we move, I will actually have a "place" for all my things... Like my make up, flat iron, hair/skin products. Normally, I just leave it all packed up because why should I unpack when I just have to pack it all up again in a couple of days! I am so ready to have NORMAL hours instead of working two 10-12 hour days in a row standing and talking non-stop. I do believe I have the most fun job ever because I get to talk to my friends all day long, but 10-12 hours of that will wear anyone out! I am sooo ready to live only 10 minutes from work and I am so ready to be able to spend more time with my family and friends!! Yay! So can you see now why I have been waiting for this weekend for a long time?!

Another pretty exciting thing is that my birthday is on Sunday, the 26th! Josh's moms birthday is today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAIGE!!! We love you and hope you are having a fabulous day :-) April is definitely my favorite month. I know a lot of April birthdays and they are so much fun but I also love April because you just know that Spring is here and Summer is almost here! Yay!

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