Wednesday, June 17, 2009

all set up

After months of planning, I am FINALLY getting things ready for my embroidery business! I am so excited. I am in the process of placing orders and trying to decide on a name... and I finally have my "embroidery room" set up!

I bought this sewing table off Craigslist and it is perfect. It was white but my mom painted it this dark color for me since I love dark furniture :) The sides fold out if I need more room. She also put new knobs on the drawers and I just love them!

....and my FAVORITE is this chair!!! It was my moms chair and she painted it the same dark color. I picked this fabric out at Hobby Lobby and covered it with it and it was so easy. I just used a staple gun & it took like 10 minutes. I just love love LOVE it!!

Thanks, mom, for all your help!! I am so excited and will keep everyone informed as I get things going :)

Kobe is still VERY interested in Hunny Bunny. We have him in a crate and Kobe stays by that crate all day! It is so funny!

I have finally gotten the bunny to eat some celery... I really do not know what to do with it though! It must be pretty boring to be a bunny because he just sits there all the time. I feel kinda bad for having him in a crate all the time when he could be running around outside....but then I'm scared something is going to happen to him because he is so small.... I'm just not sure what to do!! But isn't he just the cutest thing?!!

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  1. our bunny was litter box trained and jumped around the house and had one of those bunny leashes so he could go outside.