Friday, June 19, 2009

home tour!

Today is Show Us Where You Live Friday!! The theme is playroom (don't have!), bonus room (don't have one of those either), and laundry room..... and there is NO way I am showing you guys our laundry room. Sorry :) It's not even a ROOM. It's a closet/laundry room/pantry/Kobe's stuff/miscellaneous- you get the picture! So we will move on to our bathroom since I missed last week. I have not done anything in a couple of weeks because honestly.. well, we have both been very busy and have not done much cleaning the last couple of weeks!! Only things here and there. But the bathroom was clean long enough to take a few pics!

Here we are looking into our bathroom. This is also Kobe's room during the night and while we are gone. He loves his little bed!

I look forward to the day where we each have our own sink...

Our lovely toilet that I know you are just dying to see!

Our closet in our bathroom! I love having a place for all of my hair stuff!

So there you go!! I know that bathrooms are not the most interesting thing but check back next week to see my favorite room in our house- our bedroom! Yay!


Oh yea, sad news. Hunny bunny died :( I don't know what happened.... we woke up yesterday morning & Josh went in there and came back and said it was dead. So sad, I know. We can't even raise a in the world will we raise kids one day?????!

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